General Marine Softball 14 Nov

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The Female, Male Open and Over-40 Male General Marine Softball Tournament enters its final rounds today and next Wednesday. The quarterfinals for all three categories are set for next Sunday November 21 and Finals on December 5 at the GCC Ground Bourda.

This softball tournament was launched by the Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association with Director of Sports Neil Kumar present and giving his blessings on September 2 and is also in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports. The GFSCA has accepted only sixteen teams in the Male Open category, since the time for the final is too near.

The GFSCA will also like to apologise to the other male teams that wanted to play and could not have been admitted, since the first sixteen requesting to play was accepted. They would like to reassure all the teams that were not admitted, come next year early January, all will be accepted when the Trophy Stall nationwide Female, Male and Over-40 Male begins.

In the Male Open Category

Ministry of Education Ground Carifesta Ave.
9:30AM – Sandust XI VS Better Hope Warriors (Pitch # 1)
Young Guns VS Upsetters (Pitch # 2)
These two winners will join the 6 winners from last week to play the quarterfinals.


Female Category

Ministry of Education Ground Carifesta Ave.
11:30AM – 4R Lioness VS Ogle Angels (Pitch # 1)
Lusignan Street Warriors VS Ariel Divas (Pitch # 2)
1:30PM – 4R Lioness VS Wellwoman (Pitch # 2)
3:00PM – Ariel Divas VS Ogle Angels (Pitch # 2)


Over-40 Male Category

Ministry of Education Ground Carifesta Ave.
1:30PM – Mac’s Masters VS Enterprise (Pitch #1)
Police Ground Eve Leary
9:30AM – Mac’s Masters VS Everest
1:00PM – Success VS Defenders
Cummings Lodge Ground
12:30PM – Cummings Lodge Veterans VS Lall and Sons Workshop.

Teams to play on Wednesday November 17 will be contacted by GFSCA Organiser Wayne Jones.