GFSCA Assists WI Women

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Kaieteur News
Sean Devers

Guyana’s Windies girls get $¼Million for India tour

For the first time ever, four Guyanese have gained selection on the same West Indies female cricket team and yesterday at the Sports Ministry, the Floodlights Softball Cricket Association (FSCA) contributed a quarter of a million dollars to the four young ladies. The $250,000 is out of pocket money for the quartet and Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr Frank Anthony commended the commitment to softball cricket and their desire to see more females involved shown by the FSCA.

Wicketkeeper/batter June Ogle-Thomas joins teenage all-rounder Shamaine Campbelle and pacers Tremaine Smartt and Sabrina Munroe as the four Guyanese who will depart the Caribbean on January 1 for the West Indies female team’s tour to India.

Vice-President of FSCA Ricky Deonarine of 4R Bearings said his Association felt it appropriate to make the contribution since four years ago when they were doing a fundraiser for the Karate club at the Malteenoes ground they organized a match between two female teams which was a huge success.

A few years later we went to Crabwood Creek and saw some girls playing circle tennis and encouraged them to put down their racquets and play softball cricket. I think that’s how softball female softball cricket began in that area and when we returned their recently we saw that the girls were really into their cricket,” Deonarine, one of Guyana’s leading softball batsmen informed.

The FSCA is made up of 35 members, most of whom are prominent businessmen and Deonarine disclosed that the money was raised by the members who wanted to give the lasses who had made Guyana proud with their West Indies selection an ‘extra something’ to walk with in India.

The West Indies women will oppose their Indian counterparts in 5 ODIs and 3 T20s from January 10-24 and Dr Anthony thanked FSCA for their contribution and said his Ministry had a very good relationship with the Association which would usually challenge them to softball matches.

They are doing a very good job stimulating interest for softball cricket and organize competitions which are played in a friendly manner. These people love cricket and it’s always good to see businessmen involved in sports.” Dr Anthony explained that the benefit of businesses getting involved in Sports is a key component of the National Sports Policy which will soon be made public. The Minister said it has been shown that for every dollar spent on sports businesses get back at least 4 dollars for their investment.

Our businessmen need to understand the important of sports to a nation and how they can benefit from their involvement and investment in Sports in Guyana. I am glad they chose females here since it shows a commitment to assistant in the development of women in sports in Guyana. Females in sport is not as popular as Males in sports and more has to be done to really encourage females to get involved at a competitive level in Guyana,” Dr Anthony said.

He said they everyone should be encouraged when women are outstanding in their sports discipline and we should encourage them. “We need more women in sports and I hope these girls go out their and make their country proud by doing well to ensure the West Indies return from India with victories.

Speaking on behalf of the group which was without Munroe (who is employed by cell phone giants Digicel, sponsors of West Indies cricket) June Ogle Thomas thanked the FSCA for their donation and commended them for getting girls involved in softball cricket. The right-handed opener, the mother of a baby girl, promised to put their best foot forward in India and make everyone who supported them proud.

Rahaman Khan, proprietor of General Marines, Mike’s Pharmacy’s owner Mike Singh, Dru Bahadur who owns an Accounting Firm and Jailall Deodass who owns Motor Trend in Enmore were the other members of the FSCA present yesterday.