GFSCA Reports Successful Year

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Guyana Times
Times Staff

The Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) has dubbed 2010 as a successful year, where it has been able to achieve all of its goals.

Apart from promoting softball cricket, the GFSCA was involved in a several charitable ventures including the donation of $400,000 to quake-ravaged Haiti, $375,000 to the Pakistan Flood Relief, $275,000 to a cancer patient from Enmore, and $250,000 to the four West Indies female cricketers.

Imran Ally (left) collects the GFSCA’s contribution to the Pakistan Flood Relief from Rahaman Khan

Via softball matches, the GFSCA was able to hold several fund-raising activities, including one at Crabwood Creek, which yielded $497,000. The association was also able to raise $350,000 in Mahaicony Creek during a day of softball cricket. These monies were raised through contributions from its 35 members and many followers. The association would like to thank its members and followers for their generosity and looks forward to their continued support in 2011.

The association also sent two teams to the United States to participate in the Florida Cup, which was hosted from February 12-14. Unfortunately, the Floodlights A team endured defeat in the final which was played at Fort Lauderdale Cricket Stadium.

The GFSCA is also pleased to report that its General Marine nationwide softball tournament, which was played in three categories, was completed in less than three months. Teams battled for top prizes in the Male Over-40, Male Open, and Female Open.

The GFSCA hopes to better the efforts of 2010, and has already released a packed list of events for the coming year.

Already in the pipelines is the staging of the Stag Beer and El Dorado Rum nationwide competition, which will be contested in three categories- the Male Over-40, Male Open, and Female Open. This competition, which will begin in January, is expected to run for five months, since it will be interrupted for four weeks by the second annual GT&T 10/10 softball tournament. Interested teams are asked to con tact Wayne Jones on 650-1790.

From March 4-6, the GFSCA plans to once again attend the Florida Cup and will be sending two teams for the fourth year in succession. Also on the cards is the historic staging of inter-county matches at the Male Over-40, Male Open, and Female Open in May. The competition will be named the "Mike’s Pharmacy Inter-county Softball Tournament".

Additionally, the GFSCA plans to host teams from South Florida, Orlando, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, and Toronto to play against Guyana’s top four softball teams in July. This tournament will be called the "Guyana Cup 2011". In August, the GFSCA will also stage the Trophy Stall Nationwide Male and Female competitions.

The GFSCA is registered with the Deed Registry, Registrar of Friendly Societies, National Sports Commission, West Indies Softball Association (WISA), and the South Florida Softball Cricket League (SFSCL). The GFSCA wishes all softball cricketers well during the coming year and would like to advise all youths to stick to the major form of cricket (hard ball), but if you cannot make it there, then we welcome you to softball.