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Windies Women Selectees Eager To Play In Stag Beer & El Dorado Rum Softball Cricket

... nationwide tournament starts January 23 2011

JUNE Ogle-Thomas, Subrina Munroe, Tremayne Smartt and Shemaine Campbelle are the four Guyanese selected to play for the West Indies women’s team in India. They will leave on January 1 and return January 26. The four received a timely donation of $250 000 from the Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) to assist in their personal expenditure.The GFSCA wishes the four Guyanese female players well and hopes they achieve success in India.

GFSCA executives after their meeting with Director of Sport Neil Kumar last Wednesday when they held discussions about the development of softball cricket.

June Ogle-Thomas who plays for Trophy Stall Angels, Shemaine Campbelle for Letter Kenny Heavenly Angels, Tremayne Smartt and Sabrina Munroe thanked the GFSCA for their donation and said they are looking forward to playing in the female leg of the Stag Beer & El Dorado Rum softball competition when they return.

The GFSCA will be organising and running the tournament and is permitted by the Laws of Guyana to do so. The competitions start January 23, 2011.

This softball competition will be staged in three categories running simultaneously. The Male Over-40 years old will be 25 overs per innings, the Male Open 15/15 and the Female Open will be 10/10. Winning teams for each category will receive $50 000+trophy, Runners-up $25 000+trophy, Players-of-the-match in the finals $5 000+trophy and Players-of-the-Tournament $5 000+trophy.

All interested teams are asked to make early bookings with organiser Wayne Jones on 650-1790 or 225-0994 or e-mail us at

The members of GSFCA would like to remind all teams and players of softball cricket, that its constitution is mandated to organise and run softball cricket for all age groups and gender in a fair & unbiased manner.

With more organisation, there will be more choices and games, which is better for the development of the sport. Recently the General Marine Male Over-40, Male Open and Female Open were run simultaneously and completed. These three competitions started September 12 2010 and finished December 5 2010. The competitions were run by the GFSCA and in less than three months they were completed.

The GFSCA is promising efficient organising and running of softball competitions and will do so in a timely manner. The GFSCA is welcoming all softball teams to play in our competitions and also supports the running of competitions by other organisation.

In early February 2011 the Floodlight teams will play at Tushen to raise funds for the community centre. The GFSCA will be sending two teams to the USA to take part in the Florida Cup 2011 on March 4, 5 and 6. This will be the fourth consecutive year that they are taking part.