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The Georgetown based flagship store Gizmos & Gadgets of Wellington Street, last Friday renewed their sponsorship of the Berbice cricketing power house Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets First Division and Under-23 Teams.

The Company since 2009 has been sponsoring the Teams and in 2013 would be providing $275, 000 along with twenty four (24) uniforms.

Gizmos & Gadgets marketing Manager Mr Ewart Sampson hands over sponsorship for 2013 to RHTYSC CEO Hilbert Foster.

Secretary/CEO of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club Hilbert Foster expressed gratitude to Managing Director of the Company, Mr. Ravi Mangar for his sponsorship of the teams. Under the Gizmos & Gadgets sponsorship the teams have won the Ramcharitar Construction Services 50-Over, Universal DVD 20/20, Busta Champion of Champions, Peter Lewis Under-23 among others.

The teams also won the Guyana Team of the Year once and the Berbice Team of the Year thrice, while it also provided several junior and senior national players including Delbert Hicks, Rajiv Ivan, Dominique Rikhi, Clinton Pestano, Loyydel Lewis, Shawn Pereira, Shailendra Shameer, Arif Chan, Assad Fudadin, Esuan Crandon, Royston Crandon and Shemaine Campbelle.

Royston Crandon also represented the West Indies at the ODI level, Shemaine Campbelle at the female level while Assad Fudadin made his Test Debut.

The Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets First Division and Under-23 teams since 2009 have completed a total of 212 self development programmes under the sub headings of charity, community development, pro-education and anti-drugs, social, cricket development, religious and youth development.

Foster stated that apart from sponsoring the teams, Gizmos also assist the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club with sponsorship of its Annual Awards Ceremony, Annual Review Magazine, Annual Tribute to Teachers and Christmas Charity Programmes.

Marketing Manager of Gizmos & Gadgets Ewart Sampson in handing over the sponsorship stated that his company was pleased to be associated with Guyana’s leading youth and sports organisation.

The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, Sampson stated has represented the Gizmos & Gadgets brand with distinction and commitment. He wished the players of both teams a successful cricket season and urged them to be disciplined at all times. Gizmos & Gadgets would continue to support the Rose Hall Town Youth & sports Club in the future, Sampson pledged.

The Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets First Division Team in 2013 would be led by national player Delbert Hicks with Shawn Pereira as his deputy. Veteran cricket coach Michael Hyles-Franco would be the coach, while Patrick Lewis is the Manager.

Among the players that would represent the Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets in 2013 are Assad Fudadin, Royston and Esuan Crandon, Rajiv Ivan, Delbert Hicks, Renwick Batson, Dominique Rikhi, Clinton Pestano, Shawn Pereira, Shemaine Campbelle, Eon Hooper, Loyydel Lewis, Arif Chan, Khemraj Mahadeo, Shailendra Shameer, Askay Homraj, Devin Baldeo, Troy Mathieson and Brandon Prashad.