Govt Asks GCB To Meet

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Kaieteur Staff

In a release sent by Permanent Secretary Alfred King, it was stated that, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, acting in its capacity to explore and implement measures to ensure the consistent and efficient administration of cricket in Guyana, and further to the request contained in its correspondence to the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) dated 23rd December 2011, through this public medium, hereby invites the President, Secretary, Treasurer and any other Executive Members the Board chooses, to a meeting on Monday, January 9, at 09:00hrs.

The release further stated that the meeting, to be held at the GCB Head Office, Regent Street, Bourda, Georgetown, is to provide the outgoing Board with the opportunity to deliver to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Mr. Alfred King all or any properties, accounts, record(s) or books owned by, or which touch and concern, or are concerned with the business of the Guyana Cricket Board.

Please note that failure to comply with this request will result in other methods being taken immediately to acquire the above mentioned items. The Ministry again takes the opportunity to recognize the outgoing Board's outstanding contribution to the administration of cricket in our country and anxiously look forward to continued support in the future.