GSL Endorses Yolo 10/10 Softball

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Yolo 10/10 competition

6 Feb 2013 - The President of the Guyana Softball League (GSL), Halim Khan has endorsed the upcoming Yolo Entertainment 10/10 Softball Cricket Challenge. The GSL President met with Yolo Entertainment’s Director, Kirk “Chow Pow” Jardine in the company’s office on South Road on Monday where he was presented with the draft for the hosting of the series.

After careful scrutiny, he was satisfied that the tournament will not only provide entertainment for softball cricket fans, but provide quality competition for the participating teams. Teams would normally participate in regular knockout formats of the game, but the challenge series round-robin format will provide them with a chance to exhibit their talent, temperament and conditioning.

It will also offer them a chance of restructuring after a loss and allow them time to prepare for the next encounter, giving them an equal opportunity of progressing into the semi-finals and eventually winning the series.

Khan guaranteed the organizers the full support of the GSL and wished them success in the tournament. All of the major softball teams in Guyana have confirmed their participation and are eager to compete. The latest confirmations came in from Invaders, Speedboat, Young Guns and the Mahaica Raiders. With Wolfs Warriors, Regal, Trophy Stall & Digital Technology added to the line-up, fireworks can be expected.

Yolo Entertainment is quite happy with the response thus far and thanked the softball president and the GSL for granting them (Yolo Entertainment) their blessings on the series.

It is vital that we work with all stakeholders in this venture, it is the only way we can succeed,” said Yolo’s Director, Kirk Jardine. He also added that his company is open to work with everyone that legitimately comes through its doors. Dates and venues will be broadcasted at a later date.