GSL Rules For GT&T 10/10

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

It is estimated that more than 17,000 people countrywide will be part of this year’s Guyana Telephone & Telegraph ( GT&T) 10/10 softball tournament. It is likely that only a very small percentage of these have a good knowledge of the rules that govern softball cricket and probably only a handful that have a detailed understanding of game.

In this edition we take an in-depth look at the rules that will govern the tournament which is being held in collaboration with the Culture, Youth and Sport Ministry and the Guyana Softball League ( GSL), and will be played under the rule book of the Guyana Softball League.

Below are the rules that must be adhered to by each team and player.

  1. The competition will be run by the Competitions Committee of the Guyana Softball League.
  2. All decisions made by the committee will be final.
  3. The competition is open to everyone ( Male & Female)
  4. The competition will be conducted under strict discipline and all teams and their officials are expected to comply accord accordingly.
  5. Teams should comprise of either Males or Females ( no mixture).
  6. Each team MUST submit a completed registration form to any GT&T branch office, GSL Reps or authorised agents, which MUST be a cut-out from the Stabroek News. A ticket will be issued as proof of registration. This ticket must be retained and presented on match day.
  7. Each game will consist of a maximum of 10 overs to be bowled by each side. The ball is to be changed on the completion of the 5th over. If changed before due to damage or loss then five overs must be completed before the next change.
  8. Each bowler shall be allowed a maximum of two ( 2) overs.
  9. The competition will be on a knockout basis.
  10. The competition allows round-hand bowling. Chucking, wristing and pelting will not be allowed. Bowlers engaged in this practice will be called and if it persists, the bowler will be barred.
  11. LBW’s and leg-byes will not apply. However, wide, no balls, overthrows and byes, will be scored.
  12. A delivery that is bowled with more than five ( 5) fielders on the leg side will be deemed a no-ball.
  13. A player registered with one team will not be allowed to register or play for another team. If any player is found culpable, their team will be disqualified.
  14. GTT 10/10 will provide balls.
  15. There will be no indecent language, intimidatory remarks, abusive language, or threatening behaviour on the field of play. The umpires will report any indiscipline to the Competitions Committee. Any player found guilty shall be dealt with as the Competitions/ Disciplinary Committee sees fit. The player can be suspended and his team can be disqualified from the competition and all future competitions.This committee will also deal with all protests lodged.
  16. In cases of protests, teams will have to submit their protest in writing (triplicate) within twenty four (24) hours after the match and a hearing will be held.
  17. No match shall be less than six overs. In cases where a match is shorter, then it will be treated as postponed and replayed or restarted the next playing day or as the committee sees fit.
  18. The round of sixteen semi-finals, quarter-finals and finals shall be played at venues indicated by the Competitions Committee, and teams will have to abide.
  19. All other basic rules of cricket will apply.
  20. Each Captain must ensure that the provided scoresheet is maintained and submitted to the umpire at the end of the game.
  21. The committee will provide umpires for each game. In cases where the committee is unable to provide umpires, the captains will agree on a neutral umpire.
  22. Matches will be played on weekends and according to fixtures.
  23. Play will begin at 09: 00 hrs.
  24. Walk-overs will be granted if a team has less than 7 players present ½ hour after the scheduled match time.
  25. In the event of a tie, a Super Over will be played to determine the winner. If there is still a tie after a Super Over, then there will be a countdown of 6’s, 4’s, 2’s & 1’s to determine winner.
  26. It is the duty of each team to ensure that information pertaining to their fixtures is obtained before match day.
  27. No player or official will be allowed to wear/display any branding of a competitor who is in direct competition with GT&T and its co-sponsors.
  28. Anyone desirous of using video footage, images, etc, will need to seek GT&T’s approval.
  29. GT&T and its co-sponsors reserve the right to use all registered players and officials for any promotion.
  30. The GSL will appoint officials for matches who will be empowered to interpret these rules in the absence of official umpires, and will be responsible for the smooth running of matches. They will also be empowered to make complaints against teams and players to the Competitions Committee.

Offenses and Penalties: Dissent

  • 1st– A player will be subject to a warning and a $ 2,000 fine.
  • 2nd – Suspension for two matches and a $ 5,000 fine.
  • Onwards – Removal from competition

Abuse – Players, Umpires and Officials

  • 1st - Suspension for two matches or more and $ 5,000 fine.
  • 2nd - Onwards – Removal from competition

Cheating & Violence On/ Off Field

Removal from competition

The tournament is set to bowl off on February 12. A whopping $ 10 million in cash and prizes are up for grabs and will see the introduction of a female category.

Chairman of the GT&T 2011 10/10 Coordinating Committee, Carmachand Rambarran, in an invited comment by this newspaper, revealed that some 1230 teams have so far been entered into the data. He further mentioned that the tournament will be divided into and play within sixteen zones. Rambarran stressed that since the registration process has officially closed, registered teams cannot make any changes to their submitted registration forms.

The Coordinating Committee's chairman added that the tournament’s fixtures will be published in each Wednesday's and Friday's Stabroek News and not all the daily news papers as was published before. The tournament will be played at 62 grounds countrywide and, according to Rambarran, the inspection of each venue by the Coordinating Committee will commence shortly.

This year the winning male team will receive $2 million, while the female team will receive $1 million.

In the inaugural tournament, Trophy Stall XI emerged champions over the Crabwood Creek ( CWC) Unstoppables by 51 runs, and walked away with the top prize of $1 million.