Guyana Cricket Bill Worries WICB

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur News Staff

The West Indies Cricket Board has slammed the Cricket Administration Bill currently being tabled in Parliament. 

Kaieteur News was able to access a copy of a letter dated 24th October, 2013 sent to Mr. Sherlock Isaacs, Clerk of the National Assembly, where the WICB expressed non-support of the document.

While expressing the need to see the game being managed in a proper way, the WICB clearly stated that they cannot support the dissolution of the existing GCB. They also expressed concern over aspects of the new constitution drafted during the process.

The board, while not wanting to dictate constitutional reform of any of its members, will want any changes in the running of any member organisation be done in the proper and democratic way as stated in the laws of the WICB and its parent body the International Cricket Council (ICC), who is against government involvement and dictates in the sport.

Here is the full text of the letter:

Dear Sir,

We refer you to our letter of December 4, 2012 addressed to the Minister of Sports: Hon. Dr. Frank C.S. Anthony MP, in which we detailed our contributions to the proposed Guyana Cricket Administration Bill 2012. We have become aware that a revised draft was tabled at the last sitting of Parliament for its second reading and was deferred to the next sitting, due to time constraints at the time in which it was last tabled. We have procured a copy of said draft from the members of the existing Guyana Cricket Board (GCB).

The WICB repeats its position in our December 4, 2012 letter in relation to the dissolution of the existing GCB. While we note that progress has been made in attempting to curtail Government’s involvement in the administration of the game, we must point out that this lingering issue is critical and dissolution of the GCB and its membership cannot be supported by the WICB.

The WICB notes with appreciation that the drafters have refrained from classifying the matter as dissolution, but the WICB takes the view that it is tantamount to one as the new dispensation has not, to the WICB’s knowledge, been approved by the shareholders and Members of the existing GCB. This matter, coupled with the pending legal matters leave us with little option but to reserve our position specifically in respect of the shares in the WICB which were issued to the existing GCB.

The WICB also wishes to express its concerns related to the proposed Constitution. The WICB notes that there exists an established process for the dissolution of the GCB and the constitution, and questions why the process has not been followed. We hope nonetheless that the process you envisage is not simply a means of imposing a process on the GCB without the required support of the members of the said GCB.

The WICB further observes that the Bill sets the membership of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) without the DCB’s consent. The WICB does not wish to mandate the constitutional requirements of its members, so will refrain from a detailed review of each clause of the document, but we note that unlike the Bill, the Constitution has been inserted with little amendment and is at variance with that already approved by the GCB membership. Our contributions in our December 4 letter are repeated.

Allow me however to commend you on the detailed work that you have done with the process and trust that the Parties will come to final resolution soonest.



Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron

cc: Hon. Raphael G.C. Trotman, MP
Speaker of the House of Assembly

Hon. Dr. Frank C. S. Anthony, MPH, MP
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport

Members of the Special Select Committee of the National Assembly on the Guyana Cricket Administration Bill 2012 – Bill No 31/2012.