Guyana PSU v Trinidad, 75/76

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Rannie Mohabir

I need your gracious help to find an article about a match played at Eve Leary, in 1975 or 1976, between the Guyana Public Service Union and a team from Trinidad led by Deonarine Bissessar.

This article was published in the Guyana Graphic or Chronicle, under the headline "Mohabir and Evans Scintillates Trinidad Attack". Other players on the team were Eon Small, Patrick Evans, Freddie Hartman, Winston Benjamin, Douglas, Chichester et al.

Willing to make a contribution.

I am presently playing (our own club) here in Southern California for Pioneer Cricket Club.




Guyana-Cricket response: Guyana-Cricket, unfortunately does not have access to Guyana newspapers before 1986. Any assistance with this from readers would be highly appreciated.