Guyana Softball Cup 2 Prizes

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If all goes according to plan, along with massiveĀ  winning and runner-up trophies, and men gold bracelets for Players of the Series, the total cash prizes should be US$7,500.00 (GUY $1,500,000).

Posistion Prize
Guyana Cup - Male Open
Winner US$4,000.00 (GUY$800,000.00) Cash + Trophy
Runner-Up US$1,000.00 (GUY$200,000.00) Cash + Trophy
Position Prize
Guyana Cup - Masters (males 40 years and over)
Winner US$2,000.00 (GUY $400,000.00) Cash + Trophy
Runner-Up US$500.00 (GUY$100,000.00) + Trophy

Remember that last year the trophies awarded by our organisation and sponsor Ramesh Sunich of TROPHY STALL were the best ever seen at any cricket match played anywhere in the world. This year will be even better!