Hadi’s World Inc. Softball Begins 22 Jan

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Hadi’s World Inc. Softball Begins Jan. 22nd

Mrs. Dione Johnson, supervisor of the Electrical Department of Hadi's World Inc., presents the sponsorship cheque to GFSCA officials.

Hadi’s World Inc. of Regent & Camp Streets, formerly the City Mall, is the sponsor of the next Nationwide Softball Competition.

This tournament is organized and managed by the Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA). As usual, it will be played in three categories simultaneously. Male Open 15/15, Female Open 10/10, and Male Over-40 Years old 25/25. The winning prize for each category is $100,000 + Trophy. Runner-up for each category is $50,000 + Trophy. There will be $10,000 + Trophy for player of the series in each category, and also $10,000 + Trophy for player of the match in each final.

The GFSCA which is always committed to finish its competitions in a timely manner, has fixed the three finals for May 6th. Interested teams wishing to participate in Demerara can call Wayne Jones at 650-1790 and 225-0994, in Berbice can call Roy Jafferally at 654-8187 and Essequibo teams can call Khalid Baksh at 618-1905 for further information. The competition will be put on hold for the first two weeks and last two weeks of the GT&T 10/10 Softball Tournament.

This competition will also be used to choose players or teams for the GFSCA next International Softball Tournament called the “Guyana Softball Cup”, expected to be held later down the year.

For news and information please visit our website at www.guyana-cricket.com or e-mail us at guyanafloodlight@hotmail.com.