Harper, Bissoon Write WICB

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Roger Harper

Roger Harper, Bissoondyal Singh write WICB on GCB issue

Former West Indies all-rounder and current President of the Georgetown Cricket Association, Roger Harper, along with President of the East Coast Cricket Board Bissoondyal Singh has written to President of the West Indies Cricket Board, Dr, Julian Hunte, raising questions about the recently held Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) elections in the face of ongoing High Court matters.

The pair questioned several aspects of the elections in the face of an existing court case following injunctions filed previously which matter has not been completed seeking explanations from the regional parent body on several related issues. Here is the full text of the letter:

Dear Dr. Hunte

We learnt from recent media reports that the injuncted Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) held elections on 27 January, 7013.

As you are aware, The GCB is made up of three (3) constituent members: The Demerara Cricket Board (DCB), the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) and the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB). As the DCB is also injuncted and the BCB did not attend, there could not possibly have been any legal elections of the GCB. Remarkably however, it was reported that the injuncted DCB took part in those elections.

We were informed that the WICB was represented at the purported GCB elections by Mr. Imran Khan, Mr. Paul Slowe, and Mr. Conde Riley who reportedly pronounced favourably on those elections.

As the two (2) major constituent members of the four (4)-member DCB, we respectfully request your assistance in providing us with the names of those persons who purportedly represented the DCB at the illegal GCB elections.

This vital information has not been made public and it appears to be a closely-guarded secret.

We look forward to an urgent response to our request since this information will largely influence the decisions we would have to make towards a resolution of the cricket crisis in Guyana.