High Court Stops Bissoon DCB

Date Published: 
Kaieteur News
Sean Devers

Justice James Bovell Drakes yesterday issued an order in the High Court prohibiting the Bissoon Singh faction of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) from performing any duties of the DCB.

The ongoing saga began in May 2009 when three of the four DCB area Associations planned to file a no-confidence motion against the then DCB President Bissoon Singh. The injunction yesterday restrained the defendants, their servants and or agents or whomsoever from acting, operating, performing, functioning and or discharging in any manner whatsoever any functions, duties or obligations of or belonging to the Demerara Cricket Board.

It also prevents the Bissoon Singh faction, in which the other defendants are Roger Harper, Pretipaul Jaigobin, Davteerth Anandjit, Samaroo Jailall, Edward Richmond, Nigel Bissu, Neil Barry, Shawn Massiah, Manoj Narayan, Claude Raphael and Ronal Williams, to hold themselves whether individually as Office Bearers of the DCB and or jointly as the Executive Committee of the said DCB until the hearing and determination of a Summons returnable for Monday, February 14, at 09:15hrs.

The Bissoon Singh faction had recently withdrawn their case in its entirety against the other DCB faction led by Raj Singh. Both factions claim to be the legally installed DCB and have commenced cricket related planning for the game in Demerara.

According to Anand Sanasie, spokesman of the Raj Singh faction, the fact that the High Court, in the Order, addressed the plaintiff, Krishnchand Mangal as ‘personally and in his capacity as the Secretary and a member of the Executive Committee of the Demerara Cricket Board’ gives his faction recognition as the ‘true’ DCB.

Speaking at a press conference at the Georgetown Cricket Club yesterday, Sanasie confirmed that the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) has received a letter from some of its executives in support of the Bissoon Singh faction but added that yesterday’s court document supersedes everything else preceding it.

He explained that the Judge granted the Court order after looking at the evidence provided by his faction proving that the Bissoon Singh faction did not represent the DCB. It is understood that the Raj Singh faction is now free to carry out the functions of the DCB until the Bissoon Singh faction provides evidence to the Judge on Monday to convince him to overturn his decision or dismiss the case.

If the Bissoon Singh faction or any of its servants participate in any official DCB activity or publicly portray the image of being the DCB or a DCB Executive they can be held in contempt of Court and face serious charges.

Writs of Summons were yesterday sent to each of the defendants and GCB President Chetram Singh says that the DCB debacle which threatens to cripple cricket in Demerara, will be addressed today at a GCB meeting set for Bourda. Some feel that it is time the GCB President Chetram Singh uses his office to settle the DCB problem since the DCB could play a key role in the GCB elections which could now be held in March.

GCB Executive and Presidential hopeful Ramsay Ali said that efforts must be made to unify the DCB and suggested that re-elections be called after the GCA elections this month.

Let all four Associations come back to one DCB elections but a well respected mediator who has no direct interest in the outcome of the elections, set up a date and venue and oversee the whole election process and whoever wins the decision must stand and be respected by both sides,” Ali suggested.

The Inter-County Under-15 tournament should commence shortly and it’s imperative that Demerara cricket has one ruling body since two Demerara teams, selected by the two feuding factions cannot participate against Berbice and Essequibo.