Holder Wants Elections Probed

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Prince Holder

Dear Editor,

I read with gross astonishment sections of the Guyana Times Newspaper January 13 edition under the headline, “ECB elections held within constitution – Bacchus”. This is the most opportune time, therefore, to set the record straight by highlighting a few points relevant to the ECB [Essequibo Cricket Board] Biennial General Meeting held on January11 at the Board’s Hostel:

1. The North Essequibo Cricket Committee is on public record supporting the holding of Area Committees’ AGM [Annual General Meetings] before the ECB elections. Only North Essequibo, East Bank and South Essequibo complied. It is worthy to note that the clubs of the Pomeroon Cricket Committee wrote to Fizul Bacchus to convene elections, but he refused, fearing that he would have been rejected and embarrassed.

Prior to any elections, the ECB Constitution under Article 8 (L) states:

Each Area Committee shall be required to register with the Board yearly by giving not only the name, address and telephone number of the Secretary, but also the Office Bearers of the Committee and a list of the clubs affiliated to that Committee.

This article of the Constitution has been breached and flagrantly violated by two-thirds of the Committees.

2. Treasurer of the North Essequibo Cricket Committee (NECC) Hakim Khan was verbally assaulted by a senior official of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), whose credibility must have been further diminished by the manner in which he conducted himself and also his duty-bound imposition to serve during the elections. Why?

Even worse was the behaviour of another senior  GCB official, who not only verbally assaulted Mr Khan but physically assaulted him as well. A complaint has since been lodged at the Anna Regina Police Station by Mr Khan.

The two GCB officials were not happy with what Mr Khan wrote in one of the daily newspapers in which he appealed to the ECB to ensure that Area Committee elections were held while exposing the poor state of cricket within the county.

3. The newspaper reported, “However, according to information received, Holder reportedly came to the meeting with a cutlass and attempted to disrupt the meeting and threatened to physically assault the GCB President”.

Certainly, such a report is a figment of someone’s imagination especially in an attempt to deviate from the embarrassment caused by the two GCB officials. I was never in the possession of a cutlass; instead, I was only equipped with a diary and a pen to record notes of the meeting.

My only confrontation with a GCB official was after his physical assault against Mr Khan where some heated words were exchanged by both parties. I am challenging those present to prove otherwise, including the Secretary of the ECB, who is also a Pastor. The NECC has since expressed its grave disappointment in the manner in which its executive member has been humiliated.

It was indeed a sorry day for cricket and if the future administration of the game has to rest in the hands of these individuals, it will be a catastrophe!

I will be writing to the constitutionally appointed Cricket Ombudsman regarding the conduct of the ECB elections since I believe that the true representatives of the various Area Committees were robbed of exercising their right to vote as a result of not having elections. The Ombudsman will also be asked to investigate the conduct of the GCB officials at the meeting.

Prince Holder

President, NECC