I Had To Do Present GCA Job

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur Staff

Former President of the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) Alfred Mentore says he had to perform the job of collecting sponsorship funds which should have been the responsibility of the present GCA executive since he was no longer a GCA office bearer.

The DCC President and former Guyana youth team batsman said he was disappointed the veteran cricket administrator Claude Raphael included his name in a letter to the media and claims that Raphael’s story emphasizes that the present GCA is out of touch with what is happening in their own association.

If there was any doubt that the administration of cricket in Guyana is mired in mediocrity, incompetence and plainly out of touch, one just has to look at the missive in Kaieteur News on March 6, 2011 by Claude Raphael, one of the longest serving cricket local administrators. There were inaccuracies contained in his rambling but where he sunk to a new low was his personal attack on my character. Instead of coming down to his level I will deal with the facts,” Mentore said.

At the last Annual General Meeting questions were raised about funds not collected by the previous Executives, specifically funds relating to the Busta Sponsorship. On demitting office, I informed the members of the Executives, particular the Treasurer of the Georgetown Cricket Association to collect a specified sum that was outstanding from a local supermarket as I was no longer a part of Executive or authorised to uplift the payment.

In what can only be classified as dereliction of duty, the new executives made no attempt to uplift the funds and when questions were raised, they dastardly implied that it was the responsibility of the past president,” Mentore continued.

The businessman said he was shocked to learn about the issue a year after he demitted office and informed that he then took the necessary actions to remedy the situation.

By simply picking up the phone I was able to arrange for the collection (2 weeks after the 2011 AGM) of the funds, a task too demanding for the current executives. One can only draw humour at this poor attempt at besmirching my character, particularly on the night of the election to solicit votes. It would take much more from credible people to achieve this and as much as I would like to ignore these pitiful attempts, my profession dictates that I take a course of action that seeks redress,” Mentore, who unsuccessfully challenged Roger Harper for the GCA Presidency at the last elections, concluded.