I Was Accused Wrongfully - Sarjoo

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Guyana Chronicle
Chronicle Staff

EXECUTIVE member of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) Rohan Sarjoo has denied anything to do with the “acid throwing” incident and opines that he is being used as a puppet in cricket politics.

Sarjoo governs a large voting constituent, the East Bank Demerara Cricket Association (EBDCA), in the Demerara cricket zone and he feels that a rift between some of the members leading up to the January 22 DCB elections has resulted in the police matter.

Police detained the former national youth cricketer Sarjoo on Monday night and he was later released on $25 000 station bail to return tomorrow, but Sarjoo is baffled as to why.

He said no clear reason was given by the lawmen for his detention, but he was questioned as to his relationship with treasurer of the DCB Pretipaul Jaigobin who was doused with a corrosive liquid in May of last year.

At a media briefing yesterday held in the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) pavilion, the EBDCA head said that he was “wrongfully accused” and that despite having had disputes with Jaigobin in the past, including a “cuss-out” scene long before the incident, he would never harm him.


When police contacted Sarjoo two nights ago, at a DCB meeting, he made a request and it was granted for him to conclude the meeting before dealing with the matter.

He was then taken to the Brickdam Police Station, accompanied by his attorney-at-law Sanjeev Datadin where he was later granted station bail. Yesterday morning Sarjoo reported to the Cove and John Police Station before he was transferred to the Vigilance Police Station. At the Vigilance station Sarjoo said he was asked about his relationship with Jaigobin and where he was at the hour of the incident.

Despite praising the police for their civility in the matter, he disliked the timing of the detention during the key meeting of the DCB and speculated that members might have influenced the incident. The executive members of the DCB were meeting to iron out issued leading up to the elections as declared by Chief Justice Ian Chang. President of the DCB Bissoondyal Singh said that he only knew of the incident yesterday morning. He had been aware of the police presence on Monday night at the Georgetown Cricket Club, but he had left before Sarjoo was detained.

Sarjoo has promised to fight the case and he feels that he will take the matter to the High Court if necessary.