Jacob Cup Semi-Final 1950

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St Stanislaus Magazine
AJ Persaud

The Jacob semi-final, after many deliberations was finally played on Malteenoes Ground, on the 18th and 19th April, 1950. Several old boys both from QC and Saints were present when (Aubrey) Bishop won the toss and decided to bat on a batsman's cushion stuffed with runs.

WI Lee, one of the QC opening batsmen, was in an adventurous mood until he was caught by Marques off Gouveia's bowling. All the while, the stubborn Jackman kept his end up. Leal then filled the breach, but no sooner had he scored his first run than, when hitting at a short one from Gouveia, he was brilliantly caught by Charan, at suicide position. And when Glasford followed soon after, QC found themselves in troubled waters.

Meanwhile, Jackman kept on defending dourly to the axe of Gibson and the skeleton-key of Patoir, before he was finally stumped for 94, having featured in two bright partnerships with Gonsalves and Mongul. What a batsman this Mongul is! I really thought someone with his sound defense and wide repertoire of strokes should have been sent higher up in the batting order. He was mainly responsible for QC's formidable total of 236.

After the tea interval Saints embarked on its first innings.

Hazlewood and Persaud found no trouble in getting the ball away, but with the score at 27, the former was bowled by Pilgrim. In came the elegant Gibson, who survived a vociferous appeal which went up in the air and was lost there. As runs began to flow off Gibson's blade like the waves of an incoming tide, the QC bowling became erratic and the fielding untidy. There were several loud appeals in despair.

In attempting to hit an air-breaker, one of Bishop's specialties, Persaud knocked down his wicket after scoring 38 valuable runs. Charan came in as night watchman and began confidently, but in the last over edged one dangerously through the slips. The roaring and screaming soon subsided and when stumps were drawn everybody departed. The sun went down suddenly and the lovely velvet of the 'Thomas' twilight concealed the battlefield.

Next morning Gibson and Charan were heralded by trumpets and trombones of acclamation, and the entire Saints Old Boys' orchestra crashed out in full when Charan glided Pilgrim for a four down fine leg, which momentarily created the illusion of a smooth lawn. That was the signal for the renewing of the battle.

Pilgrim tried valiantly to break this partnership, but by the end of his second over he seemed to be bowling with more perspiration than inspiration. Bishop replaced him with himself and luck seemed to be with him for, soon after, he had Charan lbw by a long hop which "Mousey" attempted to hook. Charan had played one of the finest innings of his cricketing career.

Meanwhile, Gibson was batting both confidently and attractively, hammering the loose ones rhetorically to all parts of the field. Marques, on the other hand, was playing a cool and level-headed innings, and saw Gibson, with the score at 162 for 3, given out lbw to Leal, after scoring a plucky, if not chanceless, 61. Patoir took over where Gibson left off, scoring freely all round the wicket.

QC met with double success when, with the second new ball, Pilgrim dismissed Patoir and Marques, with Saints 14 runs short of the mammoth QC total. From here it was easy work, for Thomas found no terrors in the bowling and young Shepherd scored the winning run.


Queen's College first innings
Batsman How out Runs
WI Lee c Marques b Gouveia 13
LA Jackman st Hazlewood b Patoir 94
HI Leal c Charan b Gouveia 1
RM Glasford c Shepherd b Gibson 2
A Bishop c Hazlewood b Camacho 28
A Gonsalves c Hazelwood b Marques 20
M Moore   b Persaud 2
RC Bacchus c Persaud b Marques 3
F Mongul   b Thomas 46
EB John c Charan b Patoir 9
C Pilgrim not out   7
Extras     11
TOTAL     236
St Stanislaus bowling
Bowler O M R W
O Gibson 14 4 35 1
F Marques 8 1 26 2
J Gouveia 5 1 19 2
B Patoir 16.4 0 82 2
R Shepherd 4 0 18 0
M Camacho 6 0 24 1
A Persaud 5 2 7 1
N Thomas 3 0 13 1
St Stanislaus first innings
Batsman How out Runs
AJ Persaud hit wicket b Bishop 38
J Hazlewood   b Pilgrim 6
O Gibson Ibw b Leal 61
V Charan lbw b Bishop 21
F Marques c Glasford b Pilgrim 27
B Patoir   b Pilgrim 45
N Thomas c Glasford b Pilgrim 17
J Gouveia   b John 4
H Shepherd   b Leal 2
R Shepherd   b Bishop 10
M Camacho not out   12
Extras     24
TOTAL     267
Queen's College bowling
Bowler O M R W
C Pilgrim 26.1 3 78 4
F Mongul 9 0 27 0
EB John 13 3 34 1
HI Leal 20 5 42 2
A Bishop 23 5 62 3
Queen's College second innings
Batsman How out Runs
WI Lee c Camacho b R Shepherd 49
LA Jackman c Persaud b Gibson 2
RM Glasford lbw b R Shepherd 35
HI Leal   b Gibson 3
A Bishop   b Gibson 0
A Gonsalves not out   25
R Bacchus not out   14
Extras     4
TOTAL (for 5 wickets) 132
St Stanislaus bowling
Bowler O M R W
O Gibson 14 4 43 3
F Marques 7 2 31 0
AJ Persaud 2 0 11 0
R Shepherd 7 0 17 2
N Thomas 2 0 7 0
V Charan 2 0 15 0