KNews 3 January Paid Ad

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur Staff

Dear Editor,

We refer to the paid ad in Kaieteur Newspaper dated 3/1/2012 page #16 and make the following comments, since we cannot deal with all the ramblings and numerous libelous/slanderous allegations.

The article seeks to present the entire situation as a Government/PPP/Bissoon Singh/Raphael scheme, while deliberately ignoring the fact that there were other notable supporters of the cause against the illegal GCB, such as:

  • Roger Harper,
  • Ronald Williams (GCB Assistant Secretary for 13 years),
  • Michael Hyles (Former Chairman of Selection Panel and former National Player),
  • Edward Richmond (Former Malteenoes Sport Club President and Former GCB Treasurer),
  • Raymond Barton (Guyana Under-19 Manager),
  • Essie Peters (Buxton Cricket Club President),
  • Prettipaul Jaigobin (Former GCB Assistant Treasurer and ECCB Treasurer),
  • Malcolm Peters (Former BCB President and GCB Vice-President),
  • Robert 'Pacer' Adonis (Former DCB PRO and Former National Player),
  • Jailall Samaroo (Lusignan of Sports Club President),
  • Judister Rampersaud (ECCB Secretary),
  • the entire Berbice Cricket Board,
  • the entire Georgetown Cricket Association and
  • a number of other Concerned Cricket Clubs and Officials.

The article itself is fraught with innuendoes and misrepresentations intended to mislead the general public, and gain their sympathy whilst stymieing all attempts to investigate the operations of the illegal GCB. The attacks on the Government Officials are both unwarranted and unjustified especially since it took the government in our opinion — much too long to take the appropriate action. It must be noted that this intervention by the Sports Ministry is as a result of a court order, issued by Chief Justice Ian Chang, over five (5) months ago.

The omission of the role played by the Berbice Cricket Board, East Coast and the Georgetown Cricket Association in the process of condemning the illegal GCB can’t be ignored in any attempt to rationalize the entire process and actions taken, given their exemplary productive output in cricket/cricketers development, vis-à-vis that of the Essequibo Board, East Bank and West Coast Demerara Associations.

The writer of the article admitted that Justice James Bovell-Drakes granted an injunction to prevent the Bissoondyal Singh faction from holding themselves out as the Demerara Cricket Board and at the same time Mr. K. Mangal gave an undertaking that his executives will also not act. The undertaking was just like an order of court, said the Judge in handing down his judgement.

It is indeed strange that Mr. Pollard has ruled in favour of Raj Singh in a silent investigation that was apparently executed even while the matter was still before the court. The Bissoondyal Singh faction was unaware of any private hearing or investigation on this matter.

Is Mr. Pollard above the law? Could you imagine that they went ahead and co-opted Raj Singh as president of the DCB on the GCB although the matter is still to be heard and determined by the Honourable court as to which faction is legal? Could you imagine Mr. Raj Singh and his friends risk imprisonment for contempt of court for reasons only known to them? Which part of the world could lawlessness of this extremity be allowed?

The attack on the Minister of Sports with regards to the Ministry’s request for the tickets to the Presidential Suite at the Guyana National Stadium is a clear indication that the writer of the article lacks knowledge of standard operational procedures and is alien to proper cricket management. The Stadium is normally rented at a subsidized cost and the Presidential Suite is not included.

However the government previously allowed the GCB the laxity to use the suite until some rather unsavory characters were invited causing undue embarrassment to the invitees by their raucous behaviour. So the Minister was correct when he requested the tickets. Prior to the existence of the Stadium, the GCC hosted international matches and the rental of that facility did not include the players’ pavilion (except the dressing room). They were only allowed one hundred complimentary and currently at the stadium, the GCB is given one hundred and twenty tickets.

We cannot respond to all of the mischievous ramblings published to discredit, libel or slander government officials, cricket administrators and hard working individuals, since it is evident that the malpractices would be exposed after the IMC’s investigation is completed. This is what they have been afraid of (for the past two years) and have been skillfully avoiding. If they are on sound footing and have nothing to fear, why not wait for the investigation in six months, when everything will be sorted out?

Surely this is a small price to pay for free and fair elections.

The legal non-entity status of the illegal GCB is more abrasive when one considers:

  1. The financial woes already published.
  2. The fact that they are illegal through rigged elections.
  3. They are prone to not accounting for funds or their actions before election and even up to the present, where they just do their own thing.
  4. This situation is totally unacceptable, so carry on Mr. Minister, Carry on Mr. Lloyd the IMC is the way to go. It’s our only hope.

Friends of Cricket