Kumar Praises Schools Windball

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Guyana Times
Guyana Times Staff

Director of Sport Neil Kumar recently declared the East Bank zone of the Sport Ministry/National Sports Commission/AL Sport and Tour Promotions 17th annual end-of-school-year Primary schools overhand windball champions trophy open at the National Park Tarmac.

Addressing the participating schools, teachers and parents present, he praised the organiser, Allister Munroe, for his continued good work in organising such a “wonderful programme”, involving so many schools.

He also renewed his commitment to supporting windball cricket by involving school across Guyana. Kumar also mentioned that the students will be given an opportunity to play windball cricket on May 28 at the Guyana National Stadium when the Sport Ministry in collaboration with the National Sports Commission stages World Challenge Day activities.

Munroe, in his remarks, also lauded Kumar to responding to a request at short notice to be at the opening ceremony and interact with the students.

Kumar also emphasised to the students the important of being discipline on and off the field and the need to be have a solid education. The Director of Sport also urged the organiser that the different zones should be playing in their respective areas, which will boost the community involvement and parental support toward their children’s development.

Below are the summarised scores from the games played.

Covent Garden defeated New Diamond School by seven wickets. New Diamond School 25-1 (Mikhaila Aggrippa 12) Covent Garden 27-3 (Inderia Laurindo 2-6).

Grove defeated Peters Hall by 10 wickets. Peters Hall 24-5; Grove 25-0 (Rebecca Isaacs 14).

Eccles defeated Craig by 10 wickets. Craig 36-1 (Amisha Bangatt 17, Navita Sukhu 15) Eccles 40-0 (Crystal Grant 17, Branna Innis 15).

Covent Garden and Craig played to a tie. Craig 57-3 (Leonard Thomas 14) Covent Garden 57-1 (Stephan Bascom 23, Jeremiah Singh 19).

Grove defeated New Diamond Primary by 10 wickets. New Diamond Primary 27-7 (Akeem Smith 3-6, Jeremy Paris 2-8) Grove 29-0 (Corvin Griffith 29*).

Peters Hall defeated Eccles by two runs. Peters Hall 50-2 (Romario Persaud 34, Orwin Hunte 13) Eccles 48-4 (Rawle Griffith12, Jonthan Samsundar 11).