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Farook Jahoor

Congratulations on an outstanding job chronicling the history of cricket and reporting on current cricket activity in Guyana.

I grew up in Berbice and two players, Lall Munilall and Milton Pydana were my classmates. Played a lot of cricket together as kids. Len Baichan was a close friend as we were from the same village.

Though he played mainly for 3 clubs, New Amsterdam Sports, Fort Canje Hospital and Rosehall Welfare Center, because of the guidance he received from captain Ancel Hazel and his meteoric rise to national recognition was with Rosehall, I think his club should be listed as Rosehall and not Fort Canje.

BTW, the most talented of my 3 friends was Muni. He could cover drive like an adult since he was 10 years old.

Keep up the great work.


Guyana-cricket response:

Farook, your compliments and cricket information are highly appreciated!

This website is a voluntary and independent effort to pay tribute to Guyana cricketers, many of whom have excelled in world cricket, despite numerous constraints. I strive to keep the site's information organised and accessible, by using excellent open source software like Drupal.

I edited Baichan's biography to incorporate the information you provided.

Thanks again, and all the best at Baylor College of Medicine.