Limacol Distinguished Ambassador

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Guyana Times
Guyana Times Staff

Limacol has proudly announced the appointment of “Super Cat” and “Living Legend”, Clive Hubert Lloyd, as its distinguished ambassador. Limacol is the title sponsor of the Caribbean Premier League, officially known as the Limacol Caribbean Premier League.

NEW GPC INC’s General Manager Ravie Ramcharitar (left) and Clive Lloyd finalise the deal

Limacol, the cool, “splash-on” lotion that’s the “freshness of a breeze in a bottle” is a product of the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (NEW GPC). It has been popular for almost a century across the Caribbean and in the diaspora in the USA, Canada and Britain.

Clive Lloyd is the world famous cricketer who was the captain of the iconic West Indies team that dominated the game during its greatest era in the 1970-1980s. He subsequently maintained professional contacts with the game at its highest levels.

We believe Clive represents in his person and in his career, the qualities that the Limacol brand wants inculcated in our lives in general and in our cricket in particular in the Caribbean. We are “cool” and exuberant but we are also prepared to do what it takes to be winners,” said NEW GPC’s Executive Director, Dr Ranjisinghi Ramroop.

Asked why he accepted the offer to become Limacol’s brand ambassador, Lloyd said, “Limacol is a product found in every home in the Caribbean. I’ve used it since boyhood and am proud that the GPC has not only maintained its excellent standards but is now taking a Caribbean product worldwide.

He added, “Limacol and its corporate owners have put their money where their mouth is as far as backing Caribbean cricket. As one whose entire life has been dedicated to the game, I’m proud to be associated with its insistence on being “world class.

Clive Lloyd was one of the most successful Test captains of all time and captain of the West Indies teams that won the first two World Cups in 1975 and 1979.