LLoyd, IMC Will Rescue Cricket

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Michael Nedd

I refer to the unsigned article which appeared in the January 6 edition of the Kaieteur News under the caption “Clive Lloyd sacrifices local cricket for personal gain.” It seems as though someone is trying to damage the name of one of our most successful sons of this soil and the most successful West Indies captain.

First of all let me commend Mr Lloyd for accepting the position of chairman of the Interim Management Committee (IMC) and I must also commend the government for forming the IMC, which, in my opinion, was long overdue.

I know this must have been a difficult decision for Mr Lloyd because of his others ties to the WICB and the ICC, but nevertheless he took the job, as a true patriotic Guyanese who wants to see cricket rise again. Like so many other Guyanese, I dearly wish to see Guyana once again as a dominant cricket-playing nation in the region. This would be good for our cricket as well as for the West Indies cricket team.

What is interesting though, is that the letter stated that Mr Lloyd is, allegedly, to receive some USD$200,000 for a period of six months. Let me say this: if this is true, I would prefer Mr Lloyd to receive this sum of money for the difficult task of sorting out our cricket than to have the present rotten administration of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) destroying our cricket, because they do not have a clue as how such an important institution is supposed to be managed.

Now why do I say so? It is because of the fact that our cricket has deteriorated to the point where it has reached rock bottom since this administration has taken over. Those who try to administer the cricket board are more interested in enriching themselves than in improving cricket. In contrast, Mr Lloyd is clearly more interested in improving cricket than in using cricket to achieve personal and selfish ends.

The letter accused Mr Lloyd of sacrificing local cricket for his personal gain. This is also a very interesting statement. I am not sure how the writer came to this conclusion, because in all the statements made by the IMC and Mr Lloyd cricket was the primary focus. Proof of this lies the efforts made by the Clive-Lloyd–led IMC to ensure that we fielded a team in the T-20 Tournament in Trinidad, while recognising that the other matters which have brought cricket in Guyana to a state of crisis can be sorted out later.

On the other hand, it seems as though the current administrators of the GCB have been using the players as pawns in a game to get the IMC and the Government to negotiate with them. How cynical can you get!

Since this administration has taken over we have been hearing about so many evil things with which cricket should not be associated, such as backtracking, money laundering, elections fraudulently conducted, and the undermining of local cricket boards which do not support these miscreants. These are some of the nasty things being done by these dishonourable gentlemen who have hijacked our cricket.

I conclude by saying that in my considered judgment this administration is the worst in the history of cricket in Guyana. I plead with Mr Lloyd and the IMC to do all that is necessary to ensure that our cricket problems are sorted out and elections are held soon, so that we can get rid of this gang, which is strangling cricket in Guyana