Minister Must Show Leadership

Date Published: 
Kaieteur News
Fidel Walton

Dear Editor,

I have been following with interest at home and abroad (Trinidad), the crisis in Guyana cricket as it has been unfolding over the past two (2) years.

It has become evident that the former long-standing Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) President, Mr. Chetram Singh, has sadly left a legacy of cricket chaos paving the way for a group of uninspiring individuals to take advantage of the confusion by holding illegal elections and installing themselves as the GCB Executive.

What has really struck me and my colleagues at UWI is the apparent impotence of the Government of Guyana in the entire process despite the sporadic pronouncements emanating from His Excellency President Bharrat Jagdeo and the Honourable Minister of Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony, relating to the formation of an Interim Management Committee (IMC).

The Honourable Frank Anthony has been less than committed and pro-active in setting aside the illegal GCB Executive. Does the Minister really believe that Mr. Ramsay Ali and Mr. Anand Sanasie could effectively represent Guyana at the West Indies Cricket Board given the fact that neither has come from a cricket background and their known reputations would preclude them from being good ambassadors?

Does he believe that either Mr. Sanasie or Mr. Ramsay Ali will just pack up and leave?

Mr. Ramsay Ali’s first act as the installed President of the GCB was to bring on board his long-standing football friend to the GCB Executive, both of whom have had issues with a local business conglomerate. I am reliably informed that Mr. Anand Sanasie’s first act as the installed Secretary of the GCB was to dismiss the Administrator of the Berbice Cricket Board and cancel the monthly stipend to that Board.

The Honourable Minister was on television emphasizing that an IMC was in place. However, Mr. Ramsay Ali announced publicly that there was no IMC installed according to his knowledge although he attended the meeting convened by the Honourable Minister who advised on the formation of an IMC. Mr. Ramsay Ali’s position is clearly at odds with that of the Government and he has shown great disrespect to the Minister and the Government.

It is incumbent for the Government of Guyana to act with utmost urgency to resolve the crisis in our cricket in order for our national game to once again hold pride of place for all Guyanese.

Mr. Minister, it is imperative that you to demonstrate the leadership that you have publicly criticized the Cricket fraternity for not having.

Dr. Fidel A. Walton