More Schools Record Victories

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Guyana Times
Guyana Times Staff

The 15th annual Primary Schools’ Windball championships continued recently with several matches in the various zones across the country. Below are the summarised scores from the Region Three zone, played at the Wales Community Centre ground.

Players from the West Bank Demerara (Region Three zone) line up before the start of action at the Wales Community Centre ground.

In the Boys’ category, Vreed en Hoop defeated Malgre Tout by 30 runs. Vreen en Hoop 82-3 (Teion Boyce 25, Vikash Mohan 24) Malgre Tout 52- 8 (Shoy Thom 19).

Patentia defeated Kawall by 15 runs. Patentia 54-4 (Roydell Johnson 16) Kawall 39-4 (Mohan Kishun 16).

McGillvary defeated La Grange by nine wickets. La Grange 49-2 (Avie Tulsie 20, Ganesh Persaud 11) Mc Gillvary 51-1 (Joshua Singh 23, Daneshwar Kowlessar 10).

In the Girls’ category, Kawall defeated Patentia by six wickets. Patentia 32-2; Kawall 37-4 (Alyiah Holder and Anthea Blake two wickets each)

Debutant Vreed en Hoop defeated defending Region Three champions, McGillvary, by six wickets. Mc Gillvary 35-2 (Kimberley Basdeo 10) Vreen en Hoop 36-4 (Qwedada Fraser 16, Angene Smith two wickets).

Below are the summarised scores from the Lower and Central East Bank, and Lower and Central East Coast zones, played at the National Park Tarmac.

In the Boys’ category, Peter’s Hall defeated Success by 19 runs. Peter’s Hall 67-2 (Sahid Saheed 42) Success 48-5 (Kennard Moonsammy 13, Anthony Singh 11, Devendra Bahadur 2-7).

The girls from the East Coast zone.

In the Girls’ category, Eccles defeated Peter’s Hall by 10 wickets. Peter’s Hall 32-1 (Aneisa Singh 10, Shelly George 10) Eccles 33-0 (Shelini Ramcharan 17, Ava Austin 13).

Plaisance defeated Vryheid’s Lust by eight wickets. Vryheid’s Lust 41-2 (Taneesha Singh 10) Plaisance 42-2 (Ahaviyah Stephen 29, Monfia De Flormonte 12).

Annandale defeated Mon Repos by six runs. Annandale 45-1 (Rebeeca Lall 17) Mon Repos 39-0. Enterprise defeated Vryheid’s Lust by 10 wickets. Vryheid Lust 36-3 (T. Singh 13) Enterprise 37-0.

St Angela’s defeated Enterprise by 27 runs. St Angela’s 62-2 (Shantai Reid 23, Janel Richards 20) Enterprise 35-2 (Jzannah Rogers 13).

Graham’s Hall defeated St Agnes by seven runs. Graham’s Hall 49-2; St Agnes 42-5 (Anika Wilson 12, Latreech Monah 11).

Meanwhile, the action is set to continue tomorrow from 15:00 hours at the National Park Tarmac. After the final between St Angela’s and Graham’s Hall, Director of Sport Neil Kumar is expected to present the prizes on behalf of the National Sports Commission and the Ministry of Sport.

AL Sport and Tour Promotions is the other partner for this competition, which is being organised by Sport Officer, Allister Munroe.