Nalico/Nafico Still Interested

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

At a time when off-the-field problems are undermining what transpires on the field, Nalico/ Nafico has signaled their continued support of the Demerara Cricket Board’s Under-15 50-overs cricket competition.

A source from the company informed this publication that despite the ongoing battle at the DCB level, the company remains committed in the development of cricket in particular and our youth in general. The source also revealed that while the company has given the commitment to sponsor the competition for the fifth consecutive year, a budget to offset the competition has not yet been submitted to the company by either faction.

It is understood that a committee member made contact with Nalico/ Nafico some 2 weeks ago but, according to the source, the company is unaware which faction the member is representing.  The entire Demerara cricket administration has been thrown into turmoil, with court injunctions being the order of the day.

On Thursday one of the feuding factions, through a press release from its Public Relations Officer, called on all area associations to start preparing their Under-15 teams for the annual DCB Inter-Association competition, which is scheduled to begin by month end. However, according to a source close to the faction, the decision to release any information on behalf of the DCB is “unethical”, since there is an ongoing court battle with the other faction.

Both factions of the DCB are expected to return to court on February 28 for the commencement of oral arguments, after an injunction was filed by Krishnchand Mangal in his capacity as secretary of the Raj Singh DCB faction on February 10. The injunction restrains the defendants, their servants and/ or agents, or whomsoever, from acting, operating, performing, functioning and/ or discharging, in any manner whatsoever, any functions, duties or obligations of, or belonging to, the Demerara Cricket Board.

This newspaper was reliably informed through a source from the Guyana Cricket Board, that the competition will be illegal since the legitimate board is not yet decided.

The Bissoondyal Singh faction had recently withdrawn their case in its entirety against the other DCB faction led by Raj Singh. Both factions claim to be the legally installed DCB and have commenced cricket- related planning for the game in Demerara.