Nandlall Slams Media Reports

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

I have never misrepresented a minister of government and I will never misrepresent a minister of government.” These were the words from Attorney-at-Law and Member of Parliament Anil Nandlall who revealed to this publication that he was misrepresented by some sections of the media at his press conference last Saturday.

Nandlall, who is representing the Bissoondyal-Singh-led faction, held a press conference to discuss the issues surrounding the withdrawal of a court case before Judge Rishi Persaud against the Raj Singh faction of the DCB. Nandlall stated that sections of the media have completely misrepresented him on the issue that “Sports Minister recognises Bissoondyal Singh’s DCB”.

I have never, at any time, during that press conference informed the media houses that the Sports Minister recognises the Bissoon Singh DCB. What transpired at that point in time was that I was asked by one media operative if I was aware that the Raj Singh faction was expected to meet with the Sports Minister on Monday last and I said, in response, that what I was aware of was that the Sports Minister had already met with the Demerara Cricket Board and this meeting had been publicised and I didn’t know about any other meeting,” Nandlall related.

At the press conference Nandlall, along with Bissoondyal Singh, presented a background to the entire DCB election saga. Nandlall revealed that Bissoondyal Singh and some of his executives approached him after meetings of the board could not be held due to the lack of a quorum. The attorney then explained that on January 14 he filed a motion to make vacant the seats of the non-attending members.

Based on those proceedings, Chief Justice Ian Chang ordered that a meeting be held by the entire executive, on or before January 24. The meeting was held on January 17 at the GCB Secretariat at which all the executives were present. Nandlall said at that meeting a motion was moved to advocate for a number of things, among them being to decide on the number of delegates from the respective clubs.

Another contentious issue was the eligibility of DCB Public Relations Officer, Rovin Stanley, to vote since he had moved to Canada. A vote was taken with a 6-6 result. Bissoondyal Singh, as Chairman, cast the deciding vote. As a result Stanley was disqualified from being a delegate. The Lawyer said that the decision was taken to have the elections at Lusignan on January 22 before the meeting concluded.

At the January 22 meeting, Bissoondyal Singh was unanimously re-elected as president of the DCB. The attorney is of the opinion that the court battle between the president of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) and the Raj Singh faction of the DCB has no merit, especially since the case was presented before the January 22 elections, which has now been completed.

Nandalall further stated that, based on those circumstances, they withdrew from the court battle. He stressed that as an attorney-at-law he will not allow his filed proceedings to be “piggy-backed upon" by another set of people.

If they need to challenge the DCB president and his executives they should do so, and if they want to challenge the elections that were held at the Lusignan Community Centre, they cannot use my own proceedings to challenge my client. It is not prudent for me to allow that,” Nandalall stated. The attorney further mentioned that he will not allow his client to be obstructed by persons pretending to be part of the executive and who are using legal mechanisms to gain benefits.

According to a press release from the DCB, Minister Anthony met with Bissoondyal Singh and his executive at their request last Thursday and challenged the recently-appointed body to restore the game to its former glory and, in so doing, restore the confidence of the fans in the administration of cricket. At that meeting the minister pledged to offer all necessary assistance to the DCB in the furtherance of its objectives.

Neil Barry, the board’s PRO said that among matters discussed at the meeting were the rehabilitation and development of cricket facilities in both rural and urban Demerara, the development of a structured schools cricket programme, inclusive of training new, and upgrading existing coaches, the greater use of facilities at the National Stadium at Providence in the physical and mental developmental processes of cricketers, and the implementation of a viable system to encourage cricketers to remain at home to participate in local cricket.

In responding to the minister, Barry assured Dr Anthony of the DCB’s resolve to meet the challenges successfully.