NBS Div2 40-Overs Today

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The New Building Society sponsored 2nd Division 40-overs cricket competition organised by the Berbice Cricket Board is set to bowl off today with twenty eight first round matches.

A total of one hundred teams will be participating with the County divided up into sixteen geographical zones spanning from Seafield in West Berbice to Crabwood Creek on the Corentyne including the Berbice River, Canje Creek and Black Bush Polder.

The preliminary stage will consist of round-robin fixtures in each zone. The team ending with most wins advances to the knock-out, last 16 playoffs stage.

Play in seven zones will commence today while the other eight will get cracking, next Sunday.

Today’s Fixtures

Zone K

  1. Tain Block Four vs Guysuco Training Centre at Tain
  2. Letterkenny Young Star vs Alness at Letterkenny
  3. Port Mourant vs Big Star at Port Mourant

Zone L

  1. No 43 Scorpion vs Young Adventurers at No 43
  2. Mibicuri Strikers vs Johanna Bush Rangers at Mibicuri
  3. Kennard’s Memorial vs Kildonan at Bush Lot Farm
  4. Yakusari Caribs vs Mibicuri at Yakusari

Zone M

  1. No 47 Pioneer vs No. 45 at No. 47
  2. No 48 Challengers vs No. 51/Leeds Young Star at No. 48
  3. No 55 Mayflower vs No. 52 Survival at No. 55.
  4. No 59 drew the bye

Zone N

  1. No 64 Fighting Marines vs No. 65 at No 64.
  2. No 69 Red Rose vs No 68 Turn Team at No 69 Red Rose
  3. No 69 Vikings vs No. 70 MYO at No 69 Vikings
  4. No 70 Young Blood drew the bye

Zone O

  1. No 70 Young Star vs Springlands at No 70
  2. No 73 Young Warriors vs No. 72 Cut and Load at No 73
  3. No 71 vs Corriverton at No 71
  4. Progressive Youth drew the bye

Zone P

  1. Skeldon Community Centre vs Young Royals at Skeldon
  2. Strykers vs Crabwood Creek Bible Church at Scottsburg
  3. Crabwood Creek vs Unity at Crabwood Creek
  4. Crabwood Creek Uprising drew the bye

Play starts at 11:00 hours.