NBS Sponsors GCA Div 2

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

The Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) on Wednesday received a cheque from New Building Society (NBS) for the staging of the second division 40 overs cricket competition which commenced last weekend in the city.

The sponsorship of the 40-over competition which targets 14 city teams was officially sealed at the bank’s new location on North Road and Avenue of the Republic. NBS’s CEO Ahmad Khan handed over the sponsorship cheque to GCA’s Treasurer Dennis Wilson in the presence of the bank’s board of directors, staff members and other GCA officials.

NBS’s CEO Ahmad Khan hands over the sponsorship cheque to GCA’s Treasurer Dennis Wilson in the presence of the Bank’s Board of Directors, and other GCA officials (Rajiv Bisnauth photo).

The competition is being played on a league basis where points will be allocated. A number of new initiatives will be taken during this tournament. One such initiative is the emphasis on developing fast bowlers where at least 40 per cent of the overs in the game must be bowled by the ‘quicks’.

Also one bonus point will be issued for the team that passes 100 runs and thereafter the team will collect another point for every 25 runs; also a team will collect a bonus point for every two wickets taken.

The tournament is divided into two zones with Georgetown Cricket Club, GNIC, Transport Cricket Club, Sophia Cricket Club, University of Guyana, Police and Malteenoes Sports Club in Zone A, while Zone B consists of Demerara Cricket Club, Guyana Defence Force, Muslim Youth Organisation, Diplomats, Everest Cricket Club, Third Class and Gandhi Youth Organization.

NBS Chairman, Moen Mc Doom in his remarks said that NBS is happy to go ahead with the sponsorship. “As a corporate citizen, it is our duty to assist the society at large in whatever fields are required,” Mc Doom said.

“NBS we have decided once again to do what it takes for the development of the game cricket. Cricket is the game of the Caribbean, cricket is part of Guyanese culture and we feel as good cooperate citizens we should do our part” the Chairman said.

President of the GCA and former West Indies vice captain Roger Harper thanked NBS for willingly partnering with the GCA to run this tournament by investing in youths for another year.

Harper noted that the GCA is focused on the development of young cricketers and also in taking the game to a higher level. He assured that the tournament will be run at the highest standard and the GCA’s commitment to NBS will be fulfilled.

The competition continues this weekend with nine more games.