No Albion Lights For IC

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur News Staff

While those in Demerara got the opportunity to get a feel of new floodlights that were in use at the Demerara Cricket Club ground on Monday evening for the first time, those in Berbice were left disappointed.

Hundreds of fans turned up at the Albion Community Centre to witness the much anticipated Independence Cup cricket competition and have a firsthand feel of the new multimillion dollars floodlights that were recently installed. They were utterly disappointed as words came at the last moment that the Minister of Culture Youth and Sport had instructed that the lights should not be put to use.

This was even after all preparations were made and the all clear given. The lights were also tested for about two hours on Thursday and proved to be in order. According to information, the foreign engineers from Musco Lighting had given the all clear for the use of the lights, but the government was not too keen on putting them into use at this juncture for unnamed reasons.

The fans were left frustrated and totally disappointed and did not hesitate in making their feelings known. The organizers had to hurriedly make alternative arrangements and resort to the inadequate artificial floodlights.