No Probity In Previous DCB

Date Published: 
Guyana Chronicle
Frederick Halley

PRESIDENT of the Demerara Cricket Board, Paul-Chan-A-Sue is alleging that financial probity was not a characteristic of the conduct of the affairs of the previous administration.

According to Chan-A-Sue, his executives came to this conclusion after reviewing the accounts handed over to them from the previous president and his Executive.

Chan-A-Sue pointed out at yesterday’s press conference, held at the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) pavilion, that “in contrast, the current Executive of the Demerara Cricket Board have exercised both prudence and care in the management of financial matters and that is the reason why I say to you that we are in a sound financial position.”

Secretary Wycliffe McAllister said several letters, including one just about two days ago, were sent to the past DCB president, pointing out the irregularities but to date no reply has been forthcoming. He said the last letter has placed a deadline of October 31 for a favourable reply, failing which the DCB will be forced to take other actions. He did not divulge what these further actions would entail.

Touching on sponsorship, Chan-A-Sue said Hand-in-Hand, National Bank of Industry and Commerce (NBIC), De Sinco Trading and Jed Enterprises have continued with their sponsorship during the year and “we are surely grateful for their continued support over the years and would publicly like to acknowledge their patronage.”