NYSCL: Can't Wait For GSC4!

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Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2014 00:13:30 -0400
From: Eric Ferrier

To the President of the Guyana Floodlights Softball Cricket Association and the executive board, the organizers, fans, supporters and sponsors of "Guyana Softball Cup 4", we the New York Softball Cricket League salute and extend our heartfelt "Thank You" for giving us the opportunity to participate once again in your such wonderful, colorful and competitive competition.

We have seen highs and lows over the past three Guyana Softball Cups. "Yes", we experienced the ultimate high when our NYSCL All Stars(Open Category) team was crowned the 2012 champions, and "Oh, Yes", lows when we did not make the playoffs in other years.

We would like to extend good luck to all the participating teams and "Make No Mistake", NYSCL have high expectations for both of our teams to return to New York as Open and Master "Guyana Softball Cup 4" champions.

WE are coming to Guyana to play exciting and competitive softball cricket and at the same time to rekindle old acquaintance and to enjoy the great hospitality of our Guyanese brothers and sisters,

Sincerely Yours
Eric Ferrier
New York Softball Cricket League