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Clarence Francis
  • Richard Hector who, if my memory serves me correctly, bowled Len Hutton for a duck;
  • Carlyle Miller, who had the smoothest action for a fast bowler in those days, smoother than Holding, though not quite as fast;
  • Vincent Mayers, a Case Cup bully, but failed at international level. But who can blame him? He failed against Hall and Griffith in a match in Barbados on a very fast wicket when they had Guyana three wickets down for one run, before Kanhai with a masterful century and Solomon with sixty-something saved Guyana;
  • Guyana also had an off-spinner who also opened the batting, but I am not sure of his name. I think it was Persaud. He was in the same period as Andrew Lyght and William White. Andrew represented WI, and William, Guyana. Terry Codagon, with his sharp memory, I am sure will remember;
  • Speaking of wicket-keepers, Stephen Bamfield who represented Guyana was also a member of DCC, and so too was Adams, who opened batting and kept wicket;
  • Back in Richard Hector's days, Leroy Jackman who opened Batting for DCC also represented Guyana and, of course, there was Berkley Gaskin who represented WI;

Just trying to help out, as I know that not too many old-timers are still around, but Terry, whom I had the pleasure to meet on my recent trip to Guyana, when I visited DCC can help with more names, as I found him to be as sharp as ever. I was impressed with what I saw when I visited and wish Guyana-Cricket and DCC continued success.


Guyana-Cricket response:

Guyana-Cricket was absolutely delighted with Mr Francis' contribution to the historical information on its website, and has since added player profiles for Hector, Mayers and Miller. Such contributions add tremendously to the body of knowledge about Guyana cricket history, even if some of the facts can become garbled with time.

  • Hector indeed dismissed Hutton for a duck, right at the start of the match between England and British Guiana, by having him caught by Glendon Gibbs.
  • "Persaud" may have actually been Rabindranauth Seeram, who opened the batting with Lyght and bowled medium pace occasionally.
  • Andrew Lyght represented Young West Indies.