Over 500 Teams Registered

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

For what is expect­ed to be the biggest ever tapeball tournament in Guyana, inter­ested teams have at least four days more to register for the Kares Engineering Inc/Bushy Park Sawmills nationwide T10 Tapeball cricket competition. In an update, Guyana Softball League’s (GSL) ex­ecutive secretary, Leonard Harprashad, told Guyana Times Sportthat in excess of 500 teams have already registered.

Leonard Harprashad

As of Tuesday evening we have collected in excess of 500 registration forms, both male and female,” Harprashad noted. When this newspa­per enquired whether the deadline for registra­tion remains June 5, the GSL executive secretary disclosed that at present the deadline remains the same.

For now all plans for the tournament remain as it is. The organisers have targeted 1000 teams for the inaugural event, but by Sunday, the last day for registration, we will decide if we extend or not. It also depends on the weather,” the GSL executive secre­tary said.

The tournament, which is set to bowl off on June 11, will feature a male and female category and also a separate category for school teams, both male and female. The winning male team will walk away with one million dollars, with the losing finalist col­lecting $400,000, third place $150,000 and fourth $100,000, with trophies as well going to the top four teams.

The man-of-the-tourna­ment and the man-of-the­-final will ride away with one scooter each, while the player with the highest in­dividual score and with the best bowling figures each will receive $25,000. All zone winners will be rewarded with $10,000 each and a trophy. The female winner walks away with half a million dollars and the runner-up $250,000. The woman-of-the-final rides away with one scoot­er; the highest individual score and best bowling fig­ure attracts $10,000 each and like the males, the re­spective zone winners will collect $10,000 each.

Apart from the $200,000 set aside for the winner of the schools’ tournament, which goes towards a de­velopmental project, the players-of-the-semi finals and finals (male & female) will each receive one lap­top.

The tournament, which will cost close to $25 mil­lion, is organised by the Guyana Softball League (GSL) and is aimed at cre­ating interaction among the various communities, as well as fostering social cohesion. Meanwhile, the tourna­ment will be run under the rule book of the Guyana Softball League, and the 2003 Code of the Laws of Cricket will apply in all matches.