PPP Related To Illegal GCB

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Dear Mr. Editor,

It is now more than four months since the High Court ruled that the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) is a legal non-entity and that the court cannot recognize that body. Chief Justice Mr. Ian Chang CCH. SC observed that the persons occupying that office are not legal and therefore cannot sue and or cannot be sued and cannot be prosecuted for theft etc.

He concluded on the ten-page ruling on page nine that the Ministry of Sports should immediately install an Interim Management Committee on a short term basis and enact legislation to legalize the management of the sport.

The then president of Guyana Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo instructed the Minister of Sports Dr. Frank Anthony to follow the Chief Justice ruling.

Dr. Anthony in his facade cal charismatic style in bring unsullied air to the situation combined with his regular public flare, convened a meeting with the entire cricket fraternity.

The purpose was to install an IMC. After four months there is no IMC and it is now an establish fact that the government clearly is lending support to this illegal regime.

However, no one should be staggered since it is now well recognized that the office bearers of the current GCB executive are directly related to Dr. Anthony’s political party. So much related that a member of the ruling PPP/C who was charged for treason in 1991 for attempting to remove the Desmond Hoyte Government by force and later escaped from lawful custody is a member of the current GCB, in fact the gentleman is an ambassador of Guyana; he is a Director of West Indies Cricket Board.

The elections of the GCB was marred with brutality, terroristic behavior and melodramatic drills similar to the treason attempt in 1991 only in this case the assistant Treasurer in his attempt to expose these schemes was almost blinded by the worst physical assault in the history in Caribbean cricket.

Now that we have had National elections and the opposition in the National Assembly have a large say, what should Guyanese cricket fans expect? Are the friends of the ruling party that was illegally installed at the GCB allowed to operate with impunity? Over the last two (2) years there has been a multiplicity of startling revelations such as:

a. Mismanagement of the resources (whereby a minority element of the Board’s Executive dictated all decisions activities without involving the majority of members.

b. Improper accountability including financial improprieties and misappropriation of funds and other financial malpractices/irregularities

c. Rigged elections resulting in an illegal Executive body being elected through Legal acrobatics, and other theatrical maneuvers including the use of two constitutions.

Are there going to be any investigations at all?

I am calling those elected to lead our country, those who will occupy seats in the National Assembly to put an end to this illegal political party related GCB and immediately and install an IMC as was ordered by the High Court to bring sanity back to Cricket.

The Nation will be the Judge and only time will tell if the APNU and AFC who were preaching against corruption, cronyism and state terrorism during the election campaign are really serious about National development. Thank you.

Dr. Fidel A. Walton
University of the West Indies