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Khalid Shah

We, J.Maykset.International Sialkot/Pakistan are a duly established company in Pakistan since 2004, exclusively dealing in the manufacturing of premium quality leather cricket balls, uniforms and other accessories, to the complete satisfaction, and strictly in accordance with the specifications of, our valued customers.

We are manufacturers of leather cricket balls in different categories, including: senior, ladies, youth, 4-pcs, 2pcs, machine- and hand-stitched and indoor balls, in red, orange, yellow and white colors.

We manufacture indoor balls in keeping with International standards. Our indoor cricket balls are being used successfully by clubs in Australia and New Zealand. They are manufactured with almost the same material, color, softness, leather and specifications as International brands like Burley.

To introduce and promote our brand to cricket associations, clubs and schools, we are offering these at the lowest prices (in US dollars) with free delivery.

Product   Quantity Price each
4-pc red (80-overs)   120 $7.00
2-pc red (80-overs)   120 $6.50
4-pc red practice ball (40-overs)   120 $5.60
2-pc red (135 & 113 gms) (40-overs)   120 $3.60
2-pc red/white (40-overs) Indoor PU Ball with soft center   120 $2.60
4-pc & 2-pc orange, pink or white (80-overs)   120 $9.00
Indoor ball, yellow   120 $13.00
Indoor ball, yellow > 120 $12.50
Best quality uniforms, white & off-white, shirt + trousers with printed & embroidered logos   50 $20.00

Please let us know what categories you may be interested in, so that we can send you complete details and, if required, assorted samples of our products at the most competitive prices.

Thanks and with warm regards,

Khalid Shah,
F-1 Jinnah Road,
Sialkot, Pakistan.

Cell: +92-333-9615614


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