Raj DCB Youth Tourneys

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Kaieteur News
Sean Devers

While neither of the two feuding factions has been officially recognised as the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB), the Raj Singh led faction can perform the functions of organising Demerara’s cricket until tomorrow’s next court hearing between the two factions.

At tomorrow’s Court case the Raj Singh faction could be allowed to continue their work or they could be prevented from doing so by the Bissoon Singh led faction which has been prevented from assuming any duties of the DCB due to an injunction in favour of the other side. But while the legal battles continue, cricket in Guyana’s second largest county is suffering and only the consistent rain is helping those who claim to have the young cricketers at heart, to save face since no cricket can played.

Yesterday the Raj Singh faction said their competition’s committee recently met to decide on the fixtures for both the Under-15 and the Under-19 Inter Association Competitions. They stated that their Chairman of the Competitions Committee had invited both of the Competitions Committee Chairpersons from the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) and East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB) to the meeting but they failed to attend these meetings.

The Raj Singh faction claims that there are reports of some officials being threatening and abusive to their Competitions Committee Chairman.

This situation is totally unsatisfactory as we strongly feel that the youths within our midst should not be allowed to suffer from any controversies surrounding the administration of cricket in Demerara and further afield. We are aware of your public pronouncements in support of the playing of cricket and the development of our youths and we are positive that these were not hollow statements,” the Raj Singh faction said in a correspondence to GCA President Roger Harper.

Due to the inclement weather pattern resulting from the La Nina phenomenon, the Raj Singh run administration has postponed these competitions until further notice.

We had issued more than appropriate notice to all area associations to have both their Under-15 and Under-19 teams ready to prepare for these competitions and we would not tolerate politics or controversies to affect these youths in our county from developing their trade,” Raj Singh informed via e-mail yesterday.

He said his board has already received details of the Under 15 and the Under-19 squads from the other two area associations (East Bank Demerara Cricket Association and the West Demerara Cricket Association) and are now formally requesting the GCA and ECCB squads for the 2 competitions along with their respective dates of birth which they would like the 2 respective associations to verify.

We need the dates of birth of the players on or before Friday, March 18th 2011 since we plan to launch these competitions very shortly. We will provide all associations with the final fixtures after our next Executive Committee meeting on Friday, March 18,” Raj Singh informed.

You are both fully cognizant of the need to have these competitions completed in time for the Inter-County and the Regional competitions at these levels and we urge your cooperation in this regard,” Raj Singh wrote to the ECCB and GCA.