Raj Singh DCB Executive Meeting

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Following the withdrawal of the Court proceedings which were instituted by the Bissoondyal Singh-led faction of the Demerara Cricket Board against the Raj Singh-led Demerara Cricket Board faction, the Executive Committee of the Raj Singh led body held its first meeting on Friday last at the Everest Cricket Club Pavilion.

A release to the media issued by Public Relations Officer, Rohan Sarjoo, stated that only Marketing Manager Ray Persaud was absent (overseas) while Chairman of the Junior Selection Panel Nazimul Drepaul joined the meeting after being elected.

President Raj Singh, VP’s Anand Sanasie & Alfred Mentore, Secretary Krishnchand Mangal, Assistant Secretary Dr. Ravindra Persaud, Treasurer Anand Kalladeen, Assistant Treasurer Lalta Digamber, Competitions Committee Chairman Colin Europe and PRO Sarjoo were all present at the meeting which appointed the following committees.

Competitions Committee

Chairman                              – Colin Europe

Secretary                               – Dr. Ravindra Persaud

East Bank Representative     – Olufemi Sandy

West Dem Representative    – Dhanpaul

Georgetown Representative – To be named

East Coast Representative    – To be named

Female Representative         – Maylene Ramdular

Umpires Representative       – Shannon Crawford

Cricket Development Committee

Chairman                               – Alfred Mentore

Secretary                                – Satyanand Gopie

East Bank Representative     – Johnny Azeez

West Dem Representative    – Sudesh Persaud

Georgetown Representative – To be named

East Coast Representative    – To be named

Senior Selection Panel

Chairman                               – Rohan Sarjoo

East Bank Representative     – Deonarine Debydial

West Dem Representative    – Lalta Digamber

Georgetown Representative – To be named

East Coast Representative    – To be named

Junior Selection Panel

Chairman                               – Nazimul Drepaul

East Bank Representative     – Lancelot Easton

West Dem Representative    – Dhanpaul

Georgetown Representative – To be named

East Coast Representative    – To be named

Marketing & Fundraising Committee

Chairman                              – Anand Sanasie

Treasurer                               – Anand Kalladeen

Member                                 – Paul Bonar (DJ Stress)

Member                                 – Raj Singh

Member                                 – Ray Persaud

The Cricket Development Committee Chairman Alfred Mentore briefly outlined his plans for the development of cricket in the County with his first mission being to bridge the current divide then working towards developing a closer collaborative working relationship with the cricketers and cricket administrators.

Mentore also wants to develop a closer working relationship with the Guyana Cricket Board, the RDCs and the NDCs. He also suggested that he would work towards getting clubs adopting/twinning with schools within their areas similar to the Canal Sports Club initiative with three schools within their area.

The development of a structured programme for Women’s cricket in Demerara and developing closer links between the Demerara Cricket Board and the University of Guyana is also on the agenda.

Design an inter-ward competition which would see cricketers that live in a particular area representing their area in, most likely, a 20/20 competition is also being proposed.

Improving the stock and quality of coaches and their coaching programmes whilst working with the GCB is also being put forward.

Mentore urged that the DCB take early possession of its resources such as the GNIC facility and the bowling rack while encouraging that Area Associations get more involved in the schools cricket competition.

The meeting also strongly denounced the decision by the Georgetown Cricket Association to postpone its AGM from January 26, 2011 to February 28 2011.

It was noted that the AGM at Wales did not confirm the audited financial statements as the former Treasurer, Mr Jaigobin, did not supply the detailed breakdown of the expenses and income as per competitions despite repeated promises to this effect.

As a result of this non-submission, the report could not stand up to scrutiny and could not be adopted at an Executive Committee meeting but will have to await the next General Membership meeting to be further discussed.

Mr. Rohan Sarjoo donated $50,000 on behalf of his Company, Sasko Investments to the DCB to get the work of the new Board started.

The Competitions Committee also announced that the finals for the three-day first Division competition between New Line Aqua Farm and GCC would take place from February 18-20 at the GCC Ground. The respective teams are prepare themselves accordingly.

The Competitions Committee will meet shortly and map out its programme for the year. It was agreed to hold off on the Hand In Hand 2nd division competition until later in the year as the President had some discussions with the sponsor and they were willing to continue with the sponsorship.

Another sponsor has been identified for another second division club competition which would be launched shortly.

The Under 15, 17 and 19 competitions would be scheduled after perusing the GCB calendar of fixtures as sponsors for all these competitions have been confirmed.

The Executive Committee would have its second meeting on Friday, February 4, 2011.