Raj Singh: Headline Offensive

Date Published: 
Kaieteur News
Raj Singh

Dear Editor,

I am simply appalled at the fact that KN published a letter from an anonymous group headlined RAJ SINGH DISHONEST – NO RESPECT FOR THE COURTS. The headline alone is abominable and the contents are so full of inaccuracies and reckless name-calling against myself and the Secretary of the GCB, Mr. Sanasie.

I would like to remind you that my business is that of an Insurance Broker which requires a tremendous amount of trust from my customers and such a letter will seriously damage our character, reputation, integrity and standing in society, especially since there has been no fact-checking regarding the contents and its crazy headline.

My letter which was published last Sunday was supported by the actual Orders of the Court which was physically given to your reporter, yet KN allowed and published a response from a group of persons who were not named and without any evidence to support their wild and reckless claims in their letter.

I hereby demand that you forthwith supply me with the names of this group that penned this defamatory letter and which you so willingly published as I am currently seeking legal advice on the way forward in this matter.

Raj Singh

Editor’s note: I accept that the headline was offensive and further accept full responsibility for the publication. The letter came from a group that described itself as Guyana National Cricket Stakeholders.