Raphael: Let Justice Prevail

Date Published: 
Guyana Chronicle
Claude Raphael

Dear Mr Editor,

I HAVE said it before and I say it again, I am not in support of any Government running cricket; the administration of cricket must be carried out by committed, qualified, honest, individuals who are elected to executive office by a free, transparent legal process involving its constituents.

Needless to say the last two years or so have been characterised by numerous allegations of malpractices which caused grave concerns to constituent members of the Guyana Cricket Board, the majority of Executive members and other stakeholders. These concerns included financial improprieties, executive lawlessness and illegal elections of the so-called present board.

The issues have been publicised widely in the print and electronic media, with a comprehensive dossier being prepared and signed by eminent, cricket officials and circulated to the ICC, WICB, Government of Guyana and the major political parties.

The productive cricket fraternity viz Berbice Cricket Board, East Coast Cricket Board and the Georgetown Cricket Association have been deliberately ostracised from the process of electing the persons they wish to run the cricketing affairs of Guyana.

The two (2) constitutions, legal acrobatics and elections day (July 10) theatrics which included the debarring of the press in favour of a specially selected videographer created serious indictment on the fairness/legality of the current imposters.

I am therefore shocked that Mr. Ramjattan, Mr ‘Reds’ Perreira” and Peeping Tom, whosoever he may be, could write now in support of the illegal group who occupy the GCB’s offices pretending to be legitimate when the entire election process was racked with irregularities. Particularly Mr Ramjattan, whose Party champions a cause for free and fair elections, and justice but makes an about-turn when his friends are involved!

Mr Perreira publicly endorsed Ramsay Ali before the so-called elections and is therefore committed to undying support of his friend of twelve years who is also a Boy Scout leader. My understanding of Boy Scouts is that their promise is their bond, but Mr Ali who has promised so much at the cricket board, has delivered so little.

He promised funding for a mentoring programme, ladies cricket sponsorship, a professional league, to resolve two constitutions confirm, among others but delivered none.

He promised in his first speech after the illegally concocted elections of July 10 that he would immediately investigate the allegations of the members of the previous Executive and Berbice Board and make the findings public. These included auditing of the accounts for December 2010 – July 2011, disclosures on the Pakistan Tour, Ladies Cricket, U-19 Team, Essequibo Board advances, assets of the Board and the resolution of the Demerara Board debacle.

Mr Ali has produced nothing to date, meanwhile during his tenure as Marketing Manager; the GCB lost quite a number of previously acquired sponsorships.

With regard to Peeping Tom he seems lost in a world he doesn’t understand. He is obviously misguided in his theory of the role of the proposed IMC and the ICC’s position on Government’s involvement in cricket.

I wish to advise both Peeping Tom and Reds Perreira to get proper accurate background information on the issues involving the dilemma in our cricket administration before any pronouncement. Are they aware that five (5) of the executives of the previous board have orchestrated themselves into position on the new illegal Executive? No wonder they are afraid of any form of investigation!

They should carefully read the relevant clause in ICC Regulations 2.9. A and B, which refers to the issue of Government’s involvement in Cricket, which in our case constitutes involvement to clean up and regularise a dirty, fractured cricketing body. Also Tom should recognise the clause that refers to member Boards accepting affiliates who are not elected through free and fair elections with the corresponding consequences for such practice, whereby the WICB could be sanctioned.

Yes gentlemen, the Government has seen it fit after two years of terribly adverse publicity to do something positive and they should be supported/complimented for acting positively in the interest of our cricket. Where were their comments/recommendations etc while the mess was being squirted around while mayhem and disorder pervaded the previously clean cricketing landscape?

The situation certainly demands at least some form of investigation which of course cannot be properly done with the incumbents in office. The only reasonable course of action is to have a central body carry out a process of investigation, evaluation and clarification of the various issues, then set the stage for free, fair elections to be held with all stakeholders being given the opportunity to contribute.

That in my view is the role of the IMC. We the cricketing public appreciate this move by government, unless of course one could recommend a better option that does not require the very persons who are responsible for the chaos to be sitting in their own judgment. Let justice prevail.

Claude Raphael