Registrar: Review By Tomorrow

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

Permanent Secretary within the Labour, Human Services & Social Security Ministry, Trevor Thomas, informed this publication that the report on the audit of the entire operations of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) will be released tomorrow.

The registrar of Friendly Societies had appointed an enquirer to probe the entire operations of the GCB after meeting with the executive on February 8.

This new development comes after the registrar of Friendly Societies had earlier disclosed that there were “concerns” raised by its accounting specialists about the audited financial reports and annual returns of the GCB. According to Thomas, the registrar has to be satisfied with the Audit Report of the enquirer before the final report is released and the Annual General Meeting held. It should be noted that an AGM cannot legally be held without the registrar of Friendly Societies releasing the Audit Report.

Thomas further mentioned that while the recent Audit Report did not point to any fraudulent activity or mismanagement, several concerns were raised. It is against this background that a decision had been taken to have a full inquiry into the board’s operation, according to the Permanent Secretary.

Over the past months there have been widespread allegations and speculation about mismanagement in relation to the Guyana Cricket Board. “As the ministry with responsibility for Friendly Societies, we have both a moral and statutory responsibility to ensure that all such societies not only operate within the ambit of the law, but that their business can stand public scrutiny,” Thomas further revealed.

Accounting firm Barcellos, Narine and Company reviewed the GCB’s documents and these were passed to the registrar of Friendly Societies, which is a requirement under the Friendly Societies Act Chapter 36: 04, Laws of Guyana. The law states: “It is the responsibility of every Friendly Society to submit to the registrar of Friendly Societies their Annual Returns, consisting of information such as receipts and payments, assets and liabilities, movement of membership, changes in trustees, and testimonials of office bearers.”

The current executive continues to run the board’s affairs until elections are held, despite the expiration of their term in office. The election was postponed due to the delay in the availability of the official audit report by the Office of the Registrar of Friendly Societies.

Incumbent GCB president, Chetram Singh, has decided not to seek re-election. However, current GCB vice president and president of the Demerara Cricket Board, Bissoondyal Singh, GCB marketing manager Ramsay Ali, and former GCB secretary Bishwa Panday, have indicated their interest in running Guyana’s cricket for the next two years.