RHTYSC On Chatts' Omission

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur Staff

The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) has joined the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) and the Albion Cricket Club in condemning in the strongest possible way the non-selection of Sewnarine Chattergoon to Guyana’s four-day and 50-overs teams.

The Club is also condemning the omission of Gudakesh Motie, Eon Hooper and Jonathan Foo from the standby list.

We would also like to support Albion’s position that the Rayon Griffith Selection Committee should resign or be fired if they fail to provide proper justification at the non-selection of several top Berbice players. The RHTY&SC is very upset that the highest run scorer for the four-day tournament who also has Test experience apart from his commitment and discipline cannot find a place in the Guyana team.

What then is the purpose of this tournament? Young Motie, Hooper and Foo fully deserve to be on the standby list but it seems that they are paying the price of being Berbicians. Assad Fudadin last year captained Guyana and for no reason whatsoever was not even considered for the vice-captaincy.

The RHTY&SC notes with great disgust that one of our Berbice players was advised by a Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) official that if he wants to go further with his cricket he should leave Berbice and play cricket in Georgetown because the GCB has no interest in Berbice cricket.

The players were then offered positions to play for a club that the official is associated with. Young Eon Hooper might also be paying the price for not turning up for a T20 practice match after his employer rightly refused to release him with less than half-day notice, during the busy Christmas season.

The said employer, at great cost, then allowed Hooper over three weeks leave to play in the one and four-day tournaments for Berbice. It must be noted that the young and highly talented Hooper was not even on the T20 standby list.

The RHTY&SC stands strongly on the side of its players and we would continue to support them as we have always done. Our players must not suffer because of the BCB’s non support of the GCB or because of the jealousy of non-performing cricket officials over the success of the outstanding work of the BCB and every cricket Club in Berbice.

We pray that elected officials would serve cricket for the development of the game and not to settle personal vendettas. We would like to urge our sister club, Albion to work even more closely with the BCB and the RHTY&SC to develop Berbice cricket even further so that this injustice to our younger players be a thing of the past.