Rift In West Demerara

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Stabroek News
Michael DaSilva

West Demerara's cricket seems headed for a split down the middle, following the purported formation on Thursday of a rival body to administer the sport, to the executive elected on April 25.

At a meeting at the Uitvlugt Community Centre, the second group elected Harnarine Tiwari as president from a gathering of representatives from 10 clubs. Several of the clubs were said to have been involved in the election of the Anand-Sanasie-led executive last month, which could lead widespread confusion which needs urgent attention from the ruling body in Demerara.

Thursday's meeting was observed by a number of representatives from the Guyana Cricket Board and when contacted yesterday its president Chetram Singh said they were invited to send observers and responded.

When asked whether the GCB was supporting the Tiwari led executive, Singh said he knew there was a problem with the audited statement and that the April meeting was adjourned for another date. He however, did not commit the GCB to the new group but instead referred this newspaper to Demerara Cricket Board president Paul Chan-a-Sue.

When contacted by telephone, Paul Chan-A-Sue told Stabroek Sport he was out of the country when the WDCA held its AGM on April 25, but as far as he knows, observers from the DCB who were present thought that the April 25 AGM was legally constituted.

"At the previous meeting (April 25), we had our people there observing and initially the guys who observed the process thought that everything was in order," Chan-A-Sue offered, adding "There is a problem and the Demerara Board will be meeting on Monday and this matter will be discussed. I really don't know, the whole thing is confusing."

His reaction was in keeping with press releases made by the Public Relations Officer, giving support to the Anand-Sanasie-led executive. Asked if he knew that the GCB was represented at the meeting on Thursday, Chan-A-Sue said he heard that Malcolm Peters, Clyde Butts, Claude Raphael and Sherlock Atwell, officials associated with the GCB, were present.

After Thursday's meeting, incumbent WDCA president Tiwari told Stabroek Sport that when the AGM was first called on April 25, he was forced to call it off since the financial statement circulated then was not audited.

The other members elected to serve on Tiwari led executive are: Rabindranauth Seeram (Vice-president), Sahadeo Persaud (Secretary), Vinod Rajkumar (Assistant secretary), Baldeo Chetram (Treasurer) and Kennard Wade (Public Relations Officer). Harinarine Persaud was elected to chair the Competitions Committee with Nigel Vieira as the Secretary.

Wade told Stabroek Sport that the clubs represented were Zeelugt, East and West Meten-Meer-Zorg, Police, Uitvlugt, Cornelia Ida, Windsor Forest, Leonara, Zeeburg and Tuschen.

In an invited comment yesterday Sanasie said he had heard about Thursday's developments but was not worried. He said they are going ahead with competitions planned for this weekend.

"All I am interested in is playing cricket, nothing else. If it comes to a court matter, then so be it. I would not be involved," Sanansie stated.