Ruling Party Praises Cricket Bill

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Guyana Times

Dear editor,

The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is heartened at the passage of the Guyana Cricket Administration Bill which now paves the way for a more organized management of this sport. Cricket is not just a sport in Guyana, but more of a way of life for all of us regardless of our age, gender or religious belief and as such we must continue to speak with a unified voice, when our way of life is threatened.

We recall that this piece of legislation was crafted after extensive consultations with all stakeholders, and more so, following recommendations in a ruling made by the acting Chief Justice Ian Chang in 2011. This Bill addresses a number of critical issues affecting the sport.

These include making into a legal entity, the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) which is to be established as a corporate Body comprising the Demerara, Essequibo and the Berbice Cricket Boards, all of which will also be made corporate entities and eliminating the issue of phantom voting for the election of persons for administrative positions and at the same time will give limited power to the Minister of Sport.

The Bill creates the position of a Cricket Ombudsman, who will be tasked with the responsibility of verifying and registering clubs; he or she will have ample time to verify legitimacy of clubs. The Bill provides for better financial accountability and requires the GCB to present timely audited financial reports to the National Assembly, as well as the National Sports Commission.

As a party which has always been committed to transparency and accountability,  we feel that with greater scrutiny and oversight of financial records of the GCB, allegations of financial impropriety that were made in the past, will be reduced.

The PPP/C also takes note of the non-support of the Alliance For Change (AFC) for this important piece of legislation and wish to remind Khemraj Ramjattan and his acolytes that history will record them as neglecting efforts to rescue a sport that is so dear to all of us.

We are not confused as to the reason why the AFC did not lend support to a law that is geared towards financial accountability.

It is the same AFC which is on a public charade about the Procurement Commission to ensure transparency and accountability that decided not to support the Cricket Administration Bill, which seeks to address the very issues at the GCB

Submitted by the PPP/C,

Freedom House