Sanasie Explains Ugly Incident

Date Published: 
Kaieteur News
Anand Sanasie

Dear Editor,

This letter is a response to the letter in the February 7, 2013 Kaieteur News titled, “Disgraceful-Dru Bahadur embarrasses Guyana Cricket”, by a group that call themselves the Guyana National Cricket Stakeholders.

The letter stated that Bahadur threatened Guyana Times Sports Reporter, Rajiv Bisnauth, and used expletive language towards him. It also claimed that Bisnauth remained mute throughout the attack on him. However, such information is not accurate. Mr. Bisnauth was equally vocal during the exchanges which actually began in a jovial manner.

On February 5, Bisnauth arrived at 12:30hes for a sending off party for the Guyana national team that was scheduled to start at 11:30. On his arrival, the team was boarding the bus. As such, Bahadur questioned the Reporter’s timing and also inquired about an article he misquoted him in the previous week. Bisnauth did not take the questioning well as he responded in a hostile manner, and the discussion subsequently turned heated. But at no point in time did Bahudur threaten him or used expletive language.

It should be noted that at the end of the argument Bisnauth openly told the GCB President that he will destroy him in the Guyana Times the next day. And in the evening of the incident, Guyana Times/TVG’s Management condemned the attack on Bisnauth in their Evening Newscast. After which, the “Guyana National Cricket Stakeholders” sent out a Press Release to the various Media houses calling for action to be taken against Bahadur.

Yes, I was present and tried to tell both individuals to calm down contrary to what the telepathic “stakeholders” reported in their letter to the Press. In fact, I had a very long unrelated conversation with Mr. Bisnauth and another Reporter, from the Kaieteur News, after the incident.

Editor, like the Executives of the GCB, Reporters have a professional conduct to live up to. Calls are made to have Bahadur answerable for his actions, but no one is calling for Bisnauth to be answerable for his unprofessional behavior.

Furthermore, the group that wrote the letter did not bother to ask the GCB President about what actually took place or if the complaints are true; they just attacked and accused him.

Editor, taking into consideration the problems surrounding the GCB and its elections, this letter is a deliberate attempt to fuel the confusion. Everyone has their opinions but they need to investigate incidents properly before attacking and slandering the Executives of an important organization like the Guyana Cricket Board which has since met with the management of the Guyana Times and considers this matter closed.

Anand Sanasie