Sanasie: GCB Can Operate

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Anand Sanasie disclosed yesterday that, based on the legal advice received, the board can continue to operate despite the interim injunction granted against the entity. Sanasie made this disclosure during a media briefing yesterday in the boardroom of the GCB on Regent Street.

The Government of Guyana had secured an injunction in the High Court that prevents the executives of the GCB from performing duties on behalf of the board back in February.

Based on the legal position we can operate, pending any further action may come our way,” Sanasie said.

He continued “If one is to refer to the actual original order issued upon the board, many times in that particular set of orders there was an order of ‘Not Parting with Power’. What I know as secretary before the injunction: two officers of the board resigned. Those two officers were Ramsey Ali and Troy Mendonca. Thereafter, as Secretary of the board, I don’t think any other officers resigned. I am aware that the Minister received some sort of document after the searches of some of the homes and the injunction of the board and its members,” Sanasie concluded.

That told, this publication had reported that the entire GCB had submitted their resignation letters to Sport Minister Dr. Frank Anthony on March 9 after meeting with the minister a day before. The executives who tendered their resignation to the Minister were: Fizul Bacchus, Alfred Mentore, Anand Sanasie, Dru Bahadur, Anand Kalladeen, Colin Europe, Rayon Griffith, Nazimul Drepaul and Terry Holder.

In that letter it stated, “The officials tendered their resignation after being subjected to 'tremendous stress over the past weeks due to unrelenting court proceedings, searches and arrests'".

The letter also stated that “Under duress we managed to out-fit and send our teams to WICB tournaments but a recent court injunction prevents us from performing any function, nevertheless, as you requested, we have delayed this resignation until we were satisfied that all was done to ensure our team continues to participate in the regional Four (4) day competition.”

According to the resignation letter, “We are satisfied that, as Executives of the GCB, we have always performed our functions professionally, honestly and diligently for the upliftment of this glorious game. The Guyana Cricket Board is presently in the best financial position it has ever been in its history with 400,000 USD in its bank account even though we undertook many investment projects e.g. Hostels, training facilities etc.

“The Annual Audit report for 2011 is almost completed and would be forwarded to your office shortly, by our Auditor Barcellos, Narine & Co. We will always be available to answer any questions you may have or to continue to assist in any way possible” the letter concluded.

On the other hand, it is unclear what will be the government’s next step, especially since the regional governing body continues to recognise the GCB as the only authorised body for cricket in Guyana. This publication tried to solicit a comment from the Sport Minister Dr. Frank Anthony, Attorney General Anil Nandlall and the IMC Chairman Clive Lloyd yesterday but was unsuccessful.

Not in Contempt

Meanwhile, when questioned by this publication if the GCB is in contempt of court’ as it relates to the pending court order, the GCB spokesman revealed that “personally from the legal advice we received, I don’t think we are in contempt of court but I prefer the lawyers to answer that question because I am not a legal professional”.

Several allegations of administrative malpractices have been leveled against the GCB, which resulted in Chief Justice Ian Chang recommending in his ruling that the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport intervene in order to bring some sort of temporary solution until a permanent one was reached.

An IMC was established on December 23 last for six months to regularise the administration of the game, following a ruling by Chang last August 2011 after the legitimacy of the GCB elections was challenged in court by Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) Secretary Angela Haniff. She had claimed that the new administration was not properly established.