Sanasie Misleading Public Again

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Kaieteur News
Dowlat Samaroo

Sanasie once again seeks to mislead cricketing public

Dear Editor,

I read Anand Sanasie’s lengthy narrative with the caption “GCB Offers Sound Clarity To The Sports Minister” which seeks to justify the untenable situation of the injuncted GCB Executive violating the orders of the Court, and openly confronting the Government and the genuine stakeholders of cricket.

My first concern deals with the fact that Sanasie seems to feel that the GCB Executive is an authority unto itself; he fails to recognise that the GCB is essentially a membership of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB), Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) and Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) and the fact that neither the BCB nor the DCB recognise the so-called GCB Executive that he represents. His posture represents the tail wagging the dog.

On the issue of Government’s interference in cricket, Sanasie must understand it cannot be termed “interference” if the government is requested by Cricket Stakeholders to intervene when a crisis has evolved especially in financial management. The very ICC rules cater for this “intervention”. The Guyana Government only came into this sordid cricket affair after the Berbice Board, the Georgetown Association and the East Coast Board requested their involvement.

Secondly, on the question of the Interim Management Committee (IMC) and its achievements, Sanasie and his acolytes were all invited to join the IMC and to attend meetings of the stake-holders, but refused while encouraging and promoting a total disruption of this worthy process. The Sanasie gang was always against any sincere attempt to resolve the cricket impasse unless it was totally in their favour.

I reject the repeated and unwarranted attacks by Sanasie on Dr. Clive Hubert Lloyd, our esteemed cricketing icon and distinguished global diplomat who gave up all his accomplished comforts to return home and try to resolve the cricket problems in his native land.

Sanasie is a cricketing nonentity and has never played the game nor properly conducted the game and his only fame is that in 1991 he was charged with treason for plotting to overthrow the PNC Government. He was imprisoned but escaped from lawful custody and fled Guyana and only returned when the PPP got into government.

His entry into cricket administration began with the overthrowing of Harnarine Tiwarie as president of the West Demerara Cricket Association in 2003. Since then he has been present at every cricket Board election that has been controversial including the ousting of Chetram Singh as president of the Demerara Board which he orchestrated.

Sanasie does not have the standing to attack the qualities and capabilities of the eminent Clive Lloyd CCH. He lacks the remotest of moral authority. Sanasie should explain to the public what part he played in flying in from Canada and return Rovin Stanley on a first-class flight for the sole purpose of voting at the contentious DCB Executive Meeting. Where did that money come and whose is paying for the array of lawyers and the many full-page advertisements.

I expect that the Government, the Opposition and indeed all Guyanese would condemn this most reprehensible attack on our national hero.

No one could be more concerned over our cricket than Clive Lloyd. If Sanasie was genuinely interested he would have taken the time to meet the stake-holders and make every effort to bridge the cricket divide instead of consorting with the self-servicing WICB directors to deliberately disrespect and disregard Guyana, its people, its courts, its government and its cricket.

I call on the Government of Guyana to enforce all laws that have been broken by this illegal and presumptuous group that calls itself the GCB Executive and to let our glorious game be returned to the bona fide stake-holders.

Dowlat Samaroo