Sanasie Sets Record Straight

Date Published: 
Kaieteur News
Anand Sanasie

Dear Editor,

Your recent letter published in the January 13th edition of the KN signed by one “Dowlat Samaroo” was way off target and spewed a fair amount of bile. As such, I would like to set the record straight on these mostly unwarranted and unjustified personal attacks on me that emanated from this “unknown” source. I will also deal with the very few substantive issues raised by “Mr. Samaroo” and refrain from attacking him personally as he has chosen to do.

Firstly, this was an official release of the Guyana Cricket Board which was incorrectly published as a letter to the Editor, but since I am the Honorary Secretary of that said Board and was an integral part of the construction of that release, I feel compelled to respond to the diatribe expounded by” Mr. Samaroo”. Prior to its publication, this release was approved by all of the executives of the GCB and we collectively stand by every word stated therein.

We are fully aware of the functions and responsibilities of the GCB, its computation and its membership. “Mr. Samaroo” would have noticed that the GCB through its Executive has been administering cricket throughout the length and breadth of Guyana at all levels irrespective of the persecution of its Officers, seizure of its Offices and personal property and the continuous harassment and intimidation of these said Officers.

These said Officers should be commended and applauded for standing up to the bullyism that they have had to experience in the execution of their duties for the past few years. The GCB has ensured that the cricketers do not suffer as a result of the pressures that its Officers have had to endure and has continued to plan and execute these plans in the interest of our cricketers and the development of cricket in Guyana.

We have continued to send representative teams to represent our country at all levels of the Regional cricket tournaments. All of our member Boards have participated in our matches, trials and camps over this period, save and except for one Under 15 tournament last year when Berbice unfortunately decided not to participate.

This situation has now been corrected by that member Board. If our cricketers do not participate in the GCB/WICB administered tournaments, they will not be eligible to be selected for the West Indies cricket team. Our current T20 team is performing very creditably in the Caribbean T20 tournament and we continue to make representations and make all the necessary preparations for our cricketers to be selected on the various Regional teams.

These cricketers are very appreciative of the work being done by this Board in their preparations for the future. This is no easy feat when you have to be fighting every day just for survival at the same time!

If “Mr. Samaroo” would like to be schooled or educated on the ICC’s position on interference in cricket and other issues, I can furnish him with all the necessary literature and CDs for his general and specific knowledge on government interference in cricket and administrative thuggery by a few of his friends in this whole manufactured scenario.

Like its parent Board, the GCB’s position on the formation of the IMC has always been very clear and has never agreed with the Government on its alleged disbanding of the GCB and replacing it with the IMC and that position was very clearly stated in our release to which “Mr. Samaroo” was referring.

We always agreed to accept and work with the IMC as an advisory body but the body never functioned as such if it ever did function. We cannot join something which we do not agree with.

I have had the distinct pleasure and honor of serving the WICB as a Director alongside Mr. Lloyd as a fellow Director with whom I have a very cordial relationship. I have a very healthy respect for the accomplishments of Mr. Lloyd as a cricketer and a captain of the Guyana and the WI cricket teams.

The GCB questioned certain aspects of Mr. Lloyd’s appointment on the IMC with the subject Minister and we strongly feel that they should be answered by Mr. Lloyd or the GOG. This is not an attack on Mr. Lloyd as it is my personal opinion that he, like others, would be a victim of our brutal political landscape. Why is this matter so secretive?

Mr. Lloyd obviously made his decision to forego his international appointments in lieu of his appointment with the GOG as he was obviously fully aware of the repercussions at the levels of the WICB & the ICC with his actions.

That is totally Mr. Lloyd’s prerogative to determine what affiliations he would like to be associated with vis a vis complying with the rules and regulations  of those organizations.

My administrative ability and accomplishments will not be commented upon by myself.

Anand Sanasie.