Singh Will Establish Afternoon College

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Guyana Cricket Board’s (GCB) Elections is set for January 30 and incumbent Chetram Singh has announced that he is no longer interested in the top position in Guyana’s cricket.

Former GCB Secretary Bish Panday, GCB Marketing Manager Ramsay Ali and GCB Vice President Bissoondyal Singh are the candidates vying for the position and today Kaieteur News (KN) continues its pre-election coverage with journalist Sean Devers getting the thoughts of Singh.

Ali has already made his views known in a KN interview while Panday, who has promised to respond to Devers’ questions, will be featured shortly as KN chats with the Presidential hopefuls.

Singh, who toured Suriname with a Demerara youth team as a leg-spinner in 1987, is the proprietor of a City Store and the youngest of the three candidates

KN: What made u decide to run for President?

BS: I am currently a Vice-President and Chairman of the Cricket Development Committee of the Guyana Cricket Board, President of Demerara Cricket Board, President of East Cricket Board.

I have worked at all levels of cricket administration in Guyana and have the knowledge of what is happening from the grass root to the top. I am fully aware of the inefficiencies and understand what is required to place Guyana’s Cricket back where it belongs. Being a former first division cricketer for the Georgetown Cricket Club, it sometimes bleeds my heart to see what is happening. Several reputable individuals including former test cricketers have been encouraging me to run for the presidency. The encouragement is so great that I now feel that I have a national obligation, especially since elections are imminent and Mr. Chetram Singh will not be participating.

KN: If elected what would be your major focus at this juncture of Guyana’s cricket?

BS: My major focus will be:

1-: the restoration of our image at the Executive Level through prudent management with accountability and transparency

2-: Restoring our efficiency and effectiveness in the promotion, organization and development of cricket to ensure the highest level of participation/competitiveness on the field of play. –

a. This will include both male and female cricket programs from the school level through the clubs association and county boards with the emphasis being place on the utilization of the highly qualified personnel along with the most appropriate and modern techniques/methods available.

Specific Areas to addressed are:

1. School Cricket programs country wide.

2. Establishment of an Afternoon Cricket Collage (4.00pm – 7.30)

a. The Cricket Development Committee would be in-charge with the head of the Collage being a well trained person in the field of Cricket Development, Coaches and other technical support staff would be contracted as required. The Curriculum must include Match Referee training, Scoring, umpiring, programmes, physical education, discipline and etiquette etc

b. Establishment of the criteria for attending the collage

c. Budgeting for entrance and tuition fees. Special scholarships would be granted by the GCB to the outstanding students (this would be selected from the school cricket)

3. Establishment of a Cricket Facility Committee

a. Committee must visit and assess the conditions of the cricket facility and make recommendation to the GCB executives

b. Identifying pitches around Guyana for upgrade so that cricketers get the opportunity to interact with international standards.

c. Rehabilitating the GCB ground maintenance equipment and the employment of an operator.

d. Approach the Ministry/Government for assistance to repair/ rehabilitate grounds/facilities.

4. Establish a Special Sub-Committee to work with the County Boards to create cricket awareness programmes/workshops/seminars in communities. Communities that have non functional cricket facilities must be targeted. The head of this committee must be a member of the Cricket Development Committee.

In addition to Inter –County cricket, an inter-district competition must be introduced with players having the opportunity to play where they live. This competition must be seen as the catalyst for the community development.

5. Establishment of elite training squad at all levels for both gender – under15, 17, 19 and senior squads.

6. Special Project

The Board would be engaging the Government of Guyana, the Private Sector Commission, the Chambers of Commerce and all relevant stake holders for the implementation of Professional League.

KN: Have you identified any key persons for important positions?

BS: Certainly my modus operandi will reflect that as far as possible only those who are qualified will be considered for the important positions. The qualities must include efficiency, honesty, integrity, creditability and commitment.

Cricket Development Chairman, PRO, Treasurer Secretary West Indies Director, Chairman of Selectors are amongst some of the more important positions which requires careful consideration and for which I have already identified possible candidates.

For instant the WICB Directorship must be filled by a person of impeccable character who is very knowledgeable on cricket matters and who would be respected by all. Being a former National/Test Player would indeed be a great asset.

KN: What would you do to help Essequibo’s cricket and would you continue to have them in the Inter-county competition without remedial work being done in Essequibo at the club level?

BS: Essequibo Cricket scenario is particularly difficult and needs special attention as I suggested to this current board. The situation is different in every area and there should be stakeholders forum throughout the County and develop a plan. Implementation must be seen as a priority, since their development will impact positively on Guyana’s overall cricket development. We will have to work the best way forward for Essequibo Cricket as a matter of extreme urgency.

KN: If elected, what would be your biggest area of concern?

BS: As I said before the restoration of the image of the Board, the quality of cricket must be enhanced and the discipline and commitment of cricketers at all level must be addressed. Commitment of Cricketers and administrators must be reflected by the principles of pride, morality and dignity.

KN: Do you think it would be a major problem getting all GCB members, including those who did not support your candidacy, to work together?

BS: My intention is to select the best persons regardless of which side they support during the campaign. I therefore see no problem in getting their support based upon the quality of personnel selected and the types of programs planned. Anyone serious about our cricket on its progress will support the program.

KN: None of you three candidates are former National or County players. How important to your administration do you see former players with the technical ‘know how’ and experience.

BS: While I did not get to represent my county, I played first division cricket for the GCC in the 80’s and at that time our team had six senior national players. So would have gained a lot of experience with this kind of interaction and undoubtedly there would be the involvement of quality persons including senior/national and test cricketers in the planning and implementation of our programs.

KN: Is it realistic to believe that Guyana’s cricket (both on and off the field) can show a significant improvement over the next two years?

BS: Definitely with the engagement of all stakeholders, it is achievable; and that is our goal.

KN: Do you feel your professional commitments (jobs) could affect your stint of GCB President in any way? Or do you feel it could be advantageous to the GCB’s top position?

BS: The administration of my business is professionally designed and organized so time for me is not an issue. I believe it could be beneficial to the GCB top position if I am elected president since my contacts management style and credibility would definitely be advantageous. The GCB has been struggling to acquire new sponsors over last few years and in some cases have lost sponsors. My business colleagues have been very encouraging and I am certain that they are ready to give material and financial support as soon as the existing shady embarrassing cricketing landscape is corrected.