Softball Fixtures - 30 Sep

Date Published: 

GFSCA Softball continues on Sunday, Sept. 30th.

The Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) sponsored by Mikes Pharmacy, Ariel Enterprise, Trophy Stall, Ramchand Auto Spares, Survival, Motor Trend, and Petama Enterprise, continues on Sunday Sept. 30th. Fixtures are as follows:


Everest Cricket ground:

Pitch 1:

09:00am - Wellman vs Dynamic Security Force

12:00pm - Trophy Stall A vs Country Road

02:00pm - Herstelling vs J & J Bengal Tigers

03:00pm - Wellwoman vs Fazal Kayume Angels

Pitch 2:

09:00am - Floodlights vs Never Lose

12:00pm - Farm vs Front Liners

02:00pm - Front Liners vs Renegade

03:00pm - Lady Jaguars vs Trophy Stall Angels

Pitch 3:

09:00am - Trophy Stall B vs Young Guns

11:00am - Amiya’s Furniture Store vs Young Guns

01:00pm - Tornado vs Amiya’s Furniture Store

03:00pm - 4R Lioness vs Enterprise Stars

Education ground:

Pitch 1:

09:00am - Savage Masters vs Better Hope

12:00pm - East Bankers Masters vs Enterprise Legends

Pitch 2:

09:00am - Challengers vs East Bankers XI

11:00am - Challengers vs Jaguars

01:00pm - Park Rangers vs Bedi Ramjewan XI

Cyril Potter College ground:

Pitch 3:

09:00am - One Love vs Success Warriors

11:00am - One Love vs Rafman

01:00pm - Rafman vs Success Warriors

03:00pm - Queens Park Rangers vs Cena

Ogle Community Centre ground:

Pitch 1:

09:00am - P & P Vipers vs Flashers

11:00am - Desperados vs Flashers

01:00pm - El Commandante vs Lusignan Third Street

03:00pm - Lusignan Third Street vs Accomplishment

GNEC ground:

09:00am - Regal Masters vs Success Masters

11:00am - Regal XI vs Princess Hotel All Stars

01:00pm - Mahaica Creek Princesses vs Regal Champs


For fixtures please call Robby Saywack at 660-0049 in West Berbice/Mahaicony, and Ray Ashraf Jahoor at 626-4956 in East Berbice.


For fixtures please call Khalid Baksh at 618-1908 in Essequibo.